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Chicago P.D. promo for the new episode features Torres return and Gloria Perez drama


Dante Torres On Chicago PD
Benjamin Levy Aguilar plays Dante Torres on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. is finally circling back to the Gloria Perez case.

This means Officer Dante Torres will be the member of Intelligence that the next new episode focuses on.

As Chicago P.D. fans have noticed, the show shifts between characters now, with singular episodes focusing on a character rather than the team.

This shift in presentation continues with a new episode called Somos Uno, where viewers learn what Torres (played by Benjamin Levy Aguilar) has been up to while undercover.

The Chicago P.D. cast introduced Yara Martinez as Gloria Perez earlier this season.

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Perez became an informant for Torres as Intelligence worked to take down a drug ring. Things got messy at the end of that episode when Perez and Torres became intimate during the case.

Chicago P.D. Season 11, Episode 9 synopsis

“Torres’s personal involvement with an informant jeopardizes his safety and threatens to expose an undercover operation,” reads the full synopsis for Chicago P.D. Season 11, Episode 9.

Below is the TV promo NBC has up for the upcoming episode. It will debut on Wednesday, April 3 at 10/9c.

Since this is the ninth episode of the current season, only four new ones will remain on the schedule for this spring. Due to two Hollywood strikes, there will be 13 episodes for Season 11.

Good news is on the horizon because NBC ordered Chicago P.D. Season 12. It guarantees more new episodes during the 2024-2025 television season.

More news from One Chicago

Actor Jason Beghe teased that the “old Voight” has returned. He spoke about what happened with the serial killer case and how losing Noah would cause a shift in his character.

Chicago P.D. fans have wanted Hank Voight to return to his old ways because it usually means gritty and dramatic episodes. As Voight tries to catch Noah’s killer, things might get drastic.

Beghe also expressed some worries about Tracy Spiridakos leaving the show. She plays Detective Hailey Upton and this is her final season on the hit drama.

Upton’s final episode will air this spring, and the show will be forced to go in a different direction with another new face working for Intelligence.

Previous episodes of Chicago P.D. are available for streaming on Peacock.

Fans can also rewatch the installment that featured Yara Martinez as Gloria Perez for the first time. That was Chicago P.D. Season 11, Episode 4, and it is called Escape.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC.

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