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The Price Is Right contestant shares how he achieved ‘historic bid’ that stunned Drew Carey


drew carey face shot during the price is right
The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey was wowed by a contestant’s recent bid. Pic credit: CBS

A contestant on The Price Is Right recently achieved history with his bid during the Showcase segment of the game.

Viewers reacted to a video featuring the contestant’s historic bid, and many indicated that another contestant gave a perfect bid on the show years ago.

However, the more recent highlight happened when a man on stage was one dollar away from the actual price of his Showcase.

It was a moment that caught host Drew Carey by surprise, seeming to leave him momentarily speechless as he reacted to what he saw.

However, Drew later called it “the best Showcase bid in the history of the show.”

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The winning contestant has since commented on how he achieved the impressive bid and walked away from the game show with so many great prizes.

Contestant revealed how he achieved the closest bid in show history

In a recent TMZ video interview with The Price Is Right contestant Patrice, he explained what led him to his bid. Some contestants may study the game show, research prizes, and create strategies for bidding if they get to the Showcase. However, that wasn’t the case for Patrice.

“To be honest, it’s just a guess,” he shared in a video from inside a car.

“I looked at the car, and it’s so difficult because [of] the options, the package…I looked at the trip. I was like, ‘How much [does] that trip cost?’ the coffee machine, and I’m like, ‘Hmm.’ I just guessed. Lucky guess,” he shared.

He also said the host’s reaction upon looking at the card for his Showcase had him worried.

“To be honest, it’s a dream,” he said about how he felt after achieving that bid.

“It goes so fast. I couldn’t believe it because when you look at the show, you see Drew stepping back towards the other contestant, and in my head, I’m like, ‘I blew it,’” he said.

He said that he couldn’t believe it after Drew had revealed the difference between his bid and the actual price for the Showcase.

“A dollar? What do you mean a dollar?” the contestant joked, adding, “It was insane. It was just crazy.”

During his moment at the end of the show, Patrice was stunned along with others. After Drew announced the bid and Double Showcase win, he briefly sank behind his podium in disbelief before heading over to check out all the prizes he’d won.

What prizes did The Price Is Right contestant win?

During Patrice’s time on the show, he initially got on stage by getting the closest bid to another prize from Contestant’s Row. Shortly after he got called down, Patrice bid “350” on the turntable package as the three contestants next to him bid “1000,” “1001,” and “1002.”

However, Patrice was closest to the $956 price, which won him a Victrola turntable with wireless streaming, a Sonos speaker, and four vinyl records.

While on stage with Drew, he played More or Less and won a $655 kayak, a $2,618 washer/dryer, and a $1,937 game table. He failed to win the new Chevy Trax 2RS SUV.

Later, though, he softened the pain of losing the car. First, he won $1,000 after hitting one dollar for his Showcase Showdown spin, which put him into the Showcase segment of the show.

And then came Patrice’s impressive win of the episode. With his $39,500 bid, he was $1 away from the actual $39,501 value of his Showcase prizes. He won an Espresso machine, a trip to Miami, Florida, and a brand-new car, the Kia K5.

However, since he was within $250 of his Showcase, he also won the other contestant’s Showcase package.

screencap from the price is right episode with drew carey and contestant who made historic bid
The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey talks to a contestant and his wife after a historic Double Showcase win. Pic credit: CBS

That included a leather jacket, a new Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 motorcycle, a Versace swimwear package, designer shoes, and trips to Hawaii and Milan.

By the end of the episode, Patrice, whose wife was cheering him on from the audience, had won over $83,000 in prizes. Talk about an impressive day on the game show!

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