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RHONJ fans sick of Teresa Giudice’s ‘lies’ as she denies leaking stories to bloggers


Teresa Giudice's WWHL screenshot
Teresa Giudice denies involvement in blogger scandal. Pic credit: WWHL/YouTube

There’s been a ton of chatter surrounding Teresa Giudice and her bestie, Jennifer Aydin’s social media behavior as they’ve been accused of leaking stories to bloggers about their castmates.

Images have been shared online showing Teresa and Jennifer trashing their costars and urging bloggers to post nasty comments about them.

However, despite screenshots proving otherwise, the OG has vehemently denied any involvement in these claims.

She doubled down on that during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, after several viewers sent in questions wanting Teresa to respond to the allegations.

Not only did the 52-year-old claim there are no screenshots of her doing anything seedy, but she also tried to deflect, claiming her castmate Margaret Josephs was recently accused of that.

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Meanwhile, RHONJ fans have grown tired of Teresa’s denials and they slammed her on social media for lying.

Terese Giudice denies leaking stories to bloggers about her castmates

A snippet of Teresa’s appearance was posted on the WWHL Instagram page which has already racked up thousands of comments.

“RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice denies leaking stories to bloggers and working with them to go against her castmates. #WWHL” the caption read.

In the clip, Andy said, “We’ve got a lot of questions wanting to know your response to allegations that you have leaked stories to bloggers and you work with bloggers to go against your castmates.”

“Never, prove it!” retorted Teres a as Andy referenced the countless screenshots that were shared as proof.

“Not of me telling anybody to put stories out there. There’s screenshots of Margaret doing that, yeah they just came out.”

“I know, but I’m seeing a lot of stuff about you and Jen Aydin,” Andy responded.

“Not me putting stuff out there, no. It’s this blogger’s lying, but they’re not my texts,” the OG said.

RHONJ fans accuse Teresa of lying about her involvement in the blogger scandal

After the RHONJ star tried to plead her case on WWHL, viewers took to the comments and an overwhelming amount of people accused her of lying.

“Teresa was lying. She was stuttering, and she couldn’t get a sentence out when Andy asked her about the bloggers…She needs to be fired,” a commenter responded.

Someone else said, “The blogger use to work for her and Jen and has sent everything to the network. She’s lying!”

An Instagram commenter wrote, “Lol! She literally believes her lies! I can’t wait until the let her go! Enough already!”

RHONJ fans slam Teresa Giudice on social media
Pic credit: @bravowwhl/Instagram

“@bravoandy @bravowwhl Come on Andy, did you really expect Teresa to admit it? This woman wouldn’t speak truth if her life depended on it,” exclaimed someone else.

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