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MAFS alum Mitch Silverstein is dating a new woman after divorce from Krysten


MAFS alum Mitch Silverstein screenshot
Mitch Silverstein is in a serious relationship. Pic credit: Lifetime

Mitch Silverstein jumped back into the dating scene after his split from Krysten Collins and now he’s in a new relationship.

It’s unclear how long the couple has been together as Mitch is not one for social media displays.

However, things must be getting serious since he posted the brunette beauty on social media after their weekend away together.

This marks the first serious relationship that Mitch has been in — that we know of — since his relationship with Krysten crashed and burned in Season 15.

Their marriage ended long before Decision Day and it couldn’t end fast enough for MAFS viewers who were outraged by the way he treated his wife.

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Krysten tried to be patient, but Mitch was admittedly selfish and unwilling to compromise. Eventually, she reached her breaking point and told the experts she wanted a divorce.

The pair left things on a bad note, so it’s doubtful that they’re even on speaking terms today, but at least they’ve now moved on with their lives.

Things are serious between MAFS alum Mitch Silverstein and his new girlfriend

Mitch shared several photos on Instagram, but the first one caught our attention as it showed him on a lake with a stunning brunette.

The caption satisfied our curiosity as we found out the mystery woman was his new girlfriend and things were serious between them since he’s already met her family.

“Trip back east w/ my lady to visit her fam,” wrote the MAFS star. “First few days were great, but things went downhill fast.”

Unfortunately, they had a little hiccup in what was meant to be a fun-filled getaway as Mitch “caught that ‘novel virus’ that’s been going around since 2020.”

“First time if you can believe that. Still, we made the best of a bad sitch. #briatch #viralspiral,” he addd.

Mitch’s ex-wife Krysten is also dating a mystery man

Mitch is not the only one in a hot and heavy romance, his ex-wife Krysten is dating someone new as well.

The MAFS star recently told her social media followers that there was a new man in her life, but unlike Mitch’s romance, they haven’t gone Instagram official.

Krysten admitted that the relationship is still in the early stages and she’s not quite ready to show off her mystery man to the world.

All we know is that the Season 15 alum met the new guy after moving from San Diego to New York after her divorce.

We’re patiently waiting for things to get serious to learn more about the new guy. She certainly deserves a happy ending after her nightmare of a marriage on MAFS.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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