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Hamas: Israeli Ministers Resignations Demonstrate Collapse Of Israel’s Political System


Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for the Gaza-based resistance movement, said Gantz and Eisenkot made the decision to leave the incumbent Israeli administration before its eventual breakdown.

“There is no end in sight to the resignation of the Zionist regime’s political and military figures. This points to the downfall of the regime’s political system,” the senior Hamas official stated.

He stressed that it makes no difference whether Gantz or Netanyahu is in office as they are both bloody brutes, and that the Zionist society seeks bloodshed and atrocities in general.

Gantz and Eisenkot stepped out of Israel’s war cabinet on Sunday.

They joined Netanyahu’s administration after Israel launched its onslaught against the Gaza Strip in early October last year, leading to the formation of the emergency coalition, which then established the war cabinet.

Addressing a press conference in Tel Aviv, Gantz called on Netanyahu to hold early elections “as soon as possible”.

“Months after the October tragedy, the situation in Israel and in the room of the decision-makers has changed. Netanyahu and his partners have turned unity into a moving call without real-world action. Fateful strategic decisions are met with hesitancy and procrastination due to political considerations,” Gantz said.

“Unfortunately, Netanyahu prevents us from reaching true victory. Therefore, today, we are leaving the emergency coalition with a heavy heart, but with a full heart.”

In a resignation letter sent to Netanyahu, former Army Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot (2015-2019) said “despite the efforts of many…the cabinet you headed was prevented for a long while from making determining decisions, which were needed to realize the war’s goals and improve Israel’s strategic position”.

Last month, Gantz set June 8 as a deadline for Netanyahu to draft a post-war plan for Gaza or he would leave the coalition.

Israel waged the genocidal war against the Gaza Strip, targeting hospitals, residences, and houses of worship after Palestinian resistance movements launched a surprise attack, dubbed Operation al-Aqsa Storm, against the usurping regime on October 7.

At least 37,084 Palestinians have been killed, most of them women and children, and another 84,494 individuals have sustained injuries. More than 1.7 million people have been internally displaced during the war as well.

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