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Big Brother-themed cruise announced by Janelle Pierzina, Rachel Reilly, Kaysar Ridha, and more former players


America And Jag BB25
America Lopez was part of the Big Brother 2023 cast (BB25). Pic credit: CBS

Several former players announced a Big Brother-themed cruise that’s coming soon.

The first-ever Postgame Cruise is happening in 2025 and will feature some very recognizable players from the past.

Janelle Pierzina from two seasons of Big Brother: All-Stars is one of those players, and she recently did an Instagram Live to share more details.

The cruise made 200 rooms available for purchase, and presales are already open. For die-hard Big Brother fans, it’s a good way to meet people from the Old School and newer seasons.

New players could be added to the attendance list, as evidenced by Janelle recently announcing that Howie Gordon from BB6 and BB7 has joined the group.

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Howie is a chief meteorologist who played Big Brother twice with Janelle.

Who is on the Big Brother Postgame Cruise?

Janelle Pierzina, Kaysar Ridha, Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas, Elissa Slater, and Howie Gordon are the Old School players on the cast list for the cruise.

America Lopez, Cory Wurtenberger, and Cameron Hardin from Big Brother 25 are also included.

The website for the cruise also states that additional reality TV stars will be on board during the event.

Below is an extensive video where Janelle talks about the cruise and is joined by Big Brother alums during her Live.

“We are going on a Big Brother themed cruise,” she announced in the caption.

The Twitter image below puts some faces to names. It might be helpful to Big Brother fans who might not remember everyone on the guest list.

Janelle also noted that the cruise has a mystery guest.

“I haven’t even announced the mystery guest yet! (she’s playing Traitors so I can’t),” Janelle wrote.

This likely means Britney Haynes from BB12, BB14, and Reindeer Games will be on board. Britney is currently filming a new season of The Traitors for Peacock.

More news from Big Brother alums

As noted above, a new cast for The Traitors 3 was announced. It features two Big Brother alums. Rachel and Janelle played on prior seasons of the hit reality competition show.

Here is the cast list for The Traitors 3. Twenty-one people are playing the game in Scotland this time.

In other news, Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie is now a father. Jackson’s wife recently gave birth.

Felicia Cannon from BB25 also asked for prayers from a hospital bed. She had to be checked in to deal with a health concern.

Previous seasons of Big Brother featuring the players mentioned above are streaming on Paramount+. That includes Big Brother 13, where Rachel Reilly won.

Big Brother 26 debuts July 17 on CBS.

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