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The Hunting Party Season 1: Cast and Character Guide


In NBC’s The Hunting Party, dangerous killers escape a top-secret prison that’s not supposed to exist, kicking off a heart-pounding and adventurous procedural.

Melissa Roxburgh leads the small team of investigators who assemble to track down and capture these dangerous criminals around the country.

Meet the Hunting Party Season 1 cast and characters below:

The Hunting Party Cast Collage

Melissa Roxburgh (Rebecca ‘Bex Henderson)

Bex Henderson is the main character of The Hunting Pary, an ex-FBI agent hired to an elite government task force because she’s profiled and caught some of the world’s serial killers before.

Bex is described as wise and extremely curious.

These skills should help her be a good leader for her team.

Melissa Roxburgh is best known for portraying Det Michaela Stone in NBC’s Manifest from 2018 to 2023.

Michaela Stone - Manifest - 2018 to 2023

Roxburgh commented that she felt she had many traits in common with her character, Michaela Stone.

Her dad is a minister, so her religious upbringing helped her relate to Stone’s background.

She also shared the same sleuth skills her character did.

However, Roxburgh’s first film role was in Diary of the Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, and her first big break was when she starred as Ensign Syl in Star Trek Beyond.

Roxburgh’s family loved to travel, including visiting Africa, Europe, and South America, which led to her passion for social justice.

Dori - Tracker - 2024

She is a member of the International Rescue Committee, which assists people in third-world countries recover from natural disasters and war.

Roxburgh has appeared in many television shows and movies, including Supernatural, Valor, Quantum Leap, and I Still Believe.

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On CBS’s Tracker, she recently appeared as Dory Shaw, Colter Shaw’s younger sister.

She was hired for a recurring role, but that could change with her new leading role in The Hunting Party.

Josh McKenzie (Shane Florence)

Josh McKenzie as Lucas Hayes Press Photo - La Brea

Josh McKenzie plays Shane Florence, a former soldier from Iraq who is now a prison guard at a secret facility.

Shane is described as charming, charismatic, and selfless. He should be an exciting addition to the team.

McKenzie is the second actor returning to NBC since he recently wrapped up a three-year run on La Brea, where he portrayed Lucas Hayes.

McKenzie gained attention in 2011 when he earned the Most Outstanding Debut Performance at the AFTAs, a huge Zealand honor.

The Leaders - La Brea Season 3 Episode 4

In The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell, he portrayed teenager Marc Snell, a go-cart prodigy who put his younger brother into a coma. This performance also earned him a Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film nomination.

After being bit by the acting bug, he starred in many theatre productions before appearing in several fantasy television series such as The Shannara Chronicles and Legend of the Seeker.

Then, McKenzie starred in two of New Zealand’s hottest TV productions, Shortland Street and Filthy Rich.

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He is set to appear in Season 2 of Australia’s The Twelve next. While there is no release date yet, the series is in post-production.

Sara Garcia (Jennifer Morales)

Sara Garcia Press Photo - Ride

Sara Garcia portrays Jennifer Morales, an intel officer and an Army major.

Jenner had a rough upbringing but stayed optimistic despite it.

Garcia is a talented Latin and Lebanese actress who loved using her Latin roots on the Hallmark Channel’s Ride.

Ranching and rodeo are core parts of Latin American culture, so Garcia says that she loved applying that aspect of her background to her complex character, Valeria Galindo.

The Advice Queen - Ride Season 1 Episode 6

Garcia has appeared in many TV shows, including on two seasons of The Flash and in Netflix’s My Little franchise.

She’s also done voice work and appeared in video games like Far Cry: 6.

Garcia has been an inspiration to others, both with her rising career and devotion to inclusivity and diversity since she’s a proud and talented queer actress.

Patrick Sabongui (Ryan Hassani)

Todd - tall - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 1

Patrick Sabongui portrays Ryan Hassani, a CIA agent versed in crisis management.

Ryan is ruggedly handsome with a casual vibe.

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Sabongui was born in Montreal to Egyptian immigrants and was raised speaking three languages: French, English, and Arabic.

He fell in love with theatre while taking Shakespeare in a literature class.

He decided to found a theatre club at college, where he starred and directed the production of Hamlet.

Singh - The Flash Season 6 Episode 19

Besides acting and directing, Sabongui teaches Theatre in Brooklyn, NY, and continues to pursue his film and theatre career.

Sabongui played Det. David Singh on The Flash, as well as Arrow and Supergirl.

He was one of three actors from The Flash who appeared in every season that were not series regulars.

Ironically, both Sabongui and Garcia starred in The Flash and will appear in a series together again.

Recently, Sabongui appeared in Nexflix’s Virgin River and Firefly Lane.

Charmaine's New Man - tall - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 1

He has also appeared in many blockbuster films, including  The Bourne Legacy, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part Two, and Kim Possible.

While we still have to wait until midseason for The Hunting Party, the cast is off to a great start.

Since only four main cast members have been announced so far, we’ll continue to update this page as we get more news.

Who has been your favorite addition so far?

Who would your dream addition be?

We want to know your favorite Hunting Party cast opinions in the comments below.

Laura Nowak is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on X.

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