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Lacey Chabert to Star in Christian Mingle Movie on Great American Pure Flix


In recent years, Lacey Chabert has been best known for her work in Hallmark films (she’s starred in more than 30 of them).

But now, the queen of the small-screen rom-com is switching gears with a new project from Hallmark’s top competitor, Great American Pure Flix.

The faith-based streamer — who would probably benefit from a catchier name — announced today that Chabert will be starring in an upcoming film based on the Christian Mingle dating service.

Lacey Chabert in Christian Mingle

The movie, titled — you guessed it! — Christian Mingle will follow a formula that’s probably pretty familiar to Hallmark fans.

But this is Pure Flix, baby! And that means there’ll be a religious twist on the usual tropes.

“In Christian Mingle, a marketing executive Gwyneth (Chabert) tries to find Mr. Right through a Christian dating service,” reads a press release.

“When her plans go awry, Gwyneth opens her heart to more spiritual pursuits and accidentally finds Paul Wood (Moore) who is looking for someone just like her.”

Kind of a spoiler-y description, but hey — it’s not like anyone expected Gwyneth to wind up single in the end.

Lacey Chabert Image

Pure Flix — a division of Great American Media — also announced several other rom-coms today, including Dream Wedding, starring Rebecca Dalton, Christa Taylor Brown, and Jesse Hutch, Harmony from the Heart, starring Jessica Lowndes and Jesse Metcalfe, and Plus One at an Amish Wedding, starring Galadriel Stineman and Kevin Joy.

But it’s the Pure Flix debut of Chabert that really has folks talking.

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After all, this is a woman who’s been the face of Hallmark for nearly 15 years now.

Lacey is basically the TV equivalent of Mariah Carey:

When you hear her voice, you know it’s time to start your Christmas shopping!

Lacey Chabert Image

But the studio system is a thing of the past, and Lacey is allowed to branch out if she so desires.

We doubt this will affect her relationship with Hallmark, but we can see why fans were taken aback.

In a bit of good news for the Hallmark faithful, Lacey has already wrapped filming on a Yuletide flick for the network that’s set to debut later this year.

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Of course, to viewers of a certain age, Lacey will always be Gretchen Wieners, proud member of the Plastics and heir to the Toaster Strudel fortune.

Her post-Mean Girls career might not have been as successful as those of Rachel McAdams or Amanda Seyfried, but Chabert has been averaging five projects a year for the past decade or so.

Lacey Chabert Red Carpet Pic

Not too shabby!

Lacey is nothing if not a hard worker, and we’re sure she’ll continue to make time for the network that’s provided her with so many plum roles over the years.

What do you think, TV fanatics?

Are you excited to see the talented Ms. Chabert in a new kind of rom-com? Or is this too much of a good thing?

Hit the comments section below to share your thoughts!

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