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Kash Doll Responds To Critics Over Her Louis Vuitton Baby Shower –


Kash Doll, the Detroit-born rapper and actress, recently faced a wave of criticism on social media for her decision to host her baby shower at a Louis Vuitton store. Not one to back down, Kash Doll responded to the critics with her characteristic candor.

On June 3rd, Kash Doll, who is expecting her baby any day now, shared glimpses of her baby shower on Instagram. This wasn’t her first unique celebration; she had previously hosted her first child’s baby shower at The Detroit Pistons’ practice facility.

“Nothing much, just had my baby girl’s baby shower in Louis Vuitton,” she wrote on her post, expressing her disbelief and joy at her life’s journey. While many fans applauded her unique choice, some were less than impressed.

One critic on Twitter questioned her decision, implying that her ideas were deteriorating with each child. Kash Doll, known for her hit “Kash Kommandments,” didn’t let the criticism slide. She responded, “If this isn’t hating, I don’t know what is.”

She further defended her choice in a subsequent post, stating, “All of you talking, but none of you could host a baby shower in Louis Vuitton even if you could afford it.” She clarified that the event was a client appreciation gesture from Louis Vuitton.

When a user suggested that no one would want such a lavish event even if they had the money, Kash Doll retorted, “Right, even if they did, but you don’t, so quiet.”

Kash Doll is expecting her second child with her boyfriend, Tracy T, this month. Their son, Kashton, was born in 2022.

She also shared more responses to her critics. She challenged one to visit a Louis Vuitton store and experience the luxury before criticizing. She also expressed gratitude for the love she received, stating, “There’s more love than hate… I appreciate all the love. I’ll be having my baby girl very soon, almost at the finish line!”

She revealed that she had three baby showers and didn’t spend a dime on them, expressing her gratitude for her blessings. In a final cheeky response to her critics, she declared, “Just for that, I’m not showing her until she’s 5.”



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