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Fans blast Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira as podcast hosts after All Stars 4 episode


tori deal and aneesa ferreira face shots from the challenge ride or dies on mtv
The Challenge’s Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira are current hosts for MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast. Pic credit: MTV

Fans of The Challenge expressed their displeasure as Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira are hosting MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast.

The weekly podcast covers each new season of MTV’s competition series and spinoff shows, such as The Challenge: All Stars 4.

A recent episode included a brief discussion of how the women in the All Stars 4 cast have been “carrying” the confessional interviews.

Aneesa also gave Ryan Kehoe an “honorable mention” for his confessional interview remarks but focused on his OG castmate, Flora Alekseyeva.

“Flora’s had enough. She’s also been out of this for so long. She’s had enough,” Aneesa said, referring to Flora’s confessional remarks about castmate Cara Maria Sorbello.

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“You can tell she’s not here for the bulls***,” Tori added, with Aneesa suggesting “she would have grounded all of those kids.”

Fans blasted Challenge stars as ‘biased’ podcast hosts

In the comment section for an @thechallenge Instagram post featuring a clip from the podcast, fans slammed Aneesa and Tori as the podcast hosts.

“I used to enjoy this podcast, but it is very apparent to me that Tory and Aneesa are biased against Cara. They aren’t asking the right questions. Do better ladies,” one commenter wrote.

“Bring back Devin and Davonne as hosts!” another commenter suggested, referring to the podcast’s other hosts, Devyn Simone and Da’Vonne Rogers.

screenshot from instagram of challenge fans comments about podcast hosts
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

“Would’ve loved to listen to the podcast because of how awesome the season is but these two suck,” another commenter said.

“Get Tori and Aneesa off the podcast!! Way too biased. I haven’t been able to listen to an entire episode since they’ve been back on,” another individual commented.

instagram screenshot of fan comments about tori and aneesa as podcast host for challenge all stars 4
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Another commenter replied, saying they “agreed” and were “disappointed” that Tori and Aneesa couldn’t “take a step back and listen themselves” instead of being “biased” towards cast members.

Tori and Aneesa have Challenge history with All Stars 4’s Cara Maria

A talking point during The Challenge: All Stars 4 has been the return of two-time champion Cara Maria Sorbello to a Challenge season as a main cast member.

Even though it’s a spinoff season, Cara is a fan-favorite and seems to have many loyal supporters who watch All Stars 4 for her as a competitor.

However, viewers have seen Cara face tough opposition during the episodes, as castmates Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta work against her and try to get her out of the game before the final.

Kam Williams also became more of a foe than a friend due to Cara’s unwillingness to agree with her vote for a cast member to go into elimination.

During the episodes, several of Cara’s castmates, including Adam Larson and Flora, made remarks about her in confessional interviews. Podcast listeners may have picked up on what they deemed as Tori and Aneesa defending Flora.

Flora, a cast member on MTV’s The Real World: Miami, appeared in just one season of The Challenge, with Battle of the Seasons in 2002.

She returned for All Stars 4 over 20 years later, at 51, to compete for more significant prize money than her previous season.

Neither Tori nor Aneesa appeared in Flora’s MTV Challenge season. However, they each have some history with Cara Maria. That included Aneesa’s elimination battle with her in Battle of the Bloodlines, a season Cara won.

Cara and Tori notably appeared in the War of the Worlds 2 season together, seemingly developing their feud and rivalry. It featured Team USA’s Cara and her boyfriend, Paulie Calafiore, doing their best to eliminate teammates Tori and her then-fiance, Jordan Wiseley, from the game.

The plan didn’t work, as Jordan and Tori won eliminations and used their option to defect to the opposing Team UK. They ultimately reached the final, with Tori losing in an early purge and Jordan among the season’s winners with three castmates.

Meanwhile, Cara was off the show for several seasons, but she was one of 10 mercenaries who appeared in Season 39, aka Battle For a New Champion. Tori was also among those 10 cast members who appeared for a single elimination event.

The feuding rivals appeared among cast members at the Season 39 reunion, where Tori had several comments directed towards Cara to stir things up. While Cara responded, it didn’t appear she was letting the remarks get to her.

Devyn and Da’Vonne have hosted previous editions of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, including episodes covering the Battle For a New Champion season on MTV.

As far as the reason that they aren’t hosting the podcast focused on All Stars 4, both women seem to have other projects, including reality TV and syndicated shows.

Recent Challenge spoilers indicate one of them could have another big project filming that took them away from hosting the podcast.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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