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Big Brother winner Jackson Michie becomes a dad


Jackson Michie On BB21 Cast
Jackson Michie is now married with a kid. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Jackson Michie from the Big Brother 21 cast is now a father.

Last summer, Jackson married Caitlin Goodrich, and now they are parents of a beautiful baby girl.

Jackson played Big Brother during the summer of 2019 season, making it to the finale thanks to a strong alliance.

Jackson was involved in a showmance during BB21 filming with Holly Allen, who finished second place.

The couple took their relationship to the real world, but it didn’t end up lasting.

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Nicole Anthony was also featured in that season. She finished third and was named America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Jackson shares pregnancy photos with Caitlin

“Life recently pt. 1… ✝️😌💞,” Jackson captioned a new Instagram post.

The post featured Jackson and Caitlin during various stages of her pregnancy. He shared a sonogram video, a picture where he kissed her belly, and several other posed photos from the pregnancy.

This was an announcement that the couple had been through an exciting time together. It was a surprising revelation, but the biggest surprise would come later.

Caitlin gives birth to a beautiful baby girl

A short time after making the post announcing the pregnancy, Jackson made another announcement.

“Life recently pt. 2… 💞,” Jackson captioned a new post.

“We’ve kept this miraculous gift quiet and close to our hearts, and the past 9.5 months have been spent intentionally with one another as we prepared for our future family,” the Big Brother winner wrote.

He’s right that they kept it very quiet. It doesn’t usually happen in the reality television world, but Jackson has stepped away from the spotlight in recent years.

“@caitlin.michie Watching you carry and grow our daughter with such strength and beauty has been a blessing to witness, and I’m so thankful to be your husband. Labor and Delivery took me to a new level of love, appreciation, and respect that I will never be able to describe. I’m so proud of you and you are such an inspiration for me daily,” Jackson added.

They named their baby Sophia Grace Michie. She was born on May 17.

“8lbs 7oz 21in,” Jackson noted in his post.

Jackson’s Instagram post is shared below. It features photos of the trio and Sophia as she grows and a video of Jackson snuggling Sophia.

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