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Amy Robach Adopts ‘Zero F–ks’ Attitude After Hitting Rock Bottom Amid T.J. Holmes Scandal –


Amy Robach, the former “GMA3” host, has come to terms with the intense backlash she faced following her highly publicized affair with T.J. Holmes. On the latest episode of the “Amy & T.J.” podcast, Robach openly discussed her journey through adversity and how she has emerged stronger, caring less about others’ opinions.

Amy Robach, 51, shared her insights with guest Rachel Platten, reflecting on how Platten’s music has helped her navigate through difficult times. “We know a little bit about walking through some darkness [and] coming through the other side when the worst has happened,” Robach said. “And I’ve thought I’ve hit rock bottom before and then I actually hit rock bottom.”

She praised Platten’s music for its resonance, particularly noting how the song “Fight Song” once served as her personal anthem. However, she now finds more solace in Platten’s latest release, “Mercy,” which aligns with her current mindset.

“All of those things resonate with so many people, but I think especially listening to your music now and having just gone through the journey we went through,” Robach explained, referencing the fallout from the scandal that surfaced in November 2022. The affair came to light while Holmes was still married to Marilee Fiebig, and Robach was finalizing her divorce from Andrew Shue.

Amy Robach emphasized that she has adopted a “zero f–ks” attitude, which she described as hard-earned but ultimately liberating. “When you get to a place and it’s hard-earned when you can give zero f–ks, sometimes that’s when you’re at your best,” she said, highlighting her newfound resilience.

T.J. Holmes, 46, echoed Robach’s sentiments, describing the process of moving on as both “weird” and “freeing.” He expressed that he finally feels he is where he is supposed to be.

When the news of their relationship broke, sources revealed that Robach and Holmes had been dating for two months prior. Despite allegations of an affair, both have denied that their relationship began as such. Holmes did not file for divorce from Fiebig until December 2022.

Interestingly, the aftermath of the scandal saw Holmes and Robach’s exes moving on with each other, as exclusively reported by Page Six in December 2023.

Through all the turmoil, Robach has emerged with a fortified sense of self, no longer weighed down by public scrutiny. Her journey from rock bottom to resilience stands as a testament to her strength and ability to overcome personal and professional challenges.



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