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Letters: Saving GOP | Shattered ideals


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GOP must dump
Trump to save itself

Re: “Trump guilty on 34 counts” (Page A1, May 31).

As a Republican for most of my adult voting life (now a nonaffiliated party voter), if the Republican Party continues to support a convicted felon who has clearly shown for the past years that he is trying to destroy our fragile democracy for his own gain, it will be their downfall.

It is my belief that if they continue down this path, it will be the end of the Republican Party as we know it. They will become a third-rate, no-never-mind party that will be considered inconsequential. Remember the Whig Party? They were one of the two dominant parties in the United States between the late 1830s and the early 1850s. The Republican Party replaced the Whig Party. Is history repeating itself?

Republican Party, quit the cult worship and follow our Constitution. Let’s work as Americans to continue to form a more perfect Union.

John Swan
Los Altos Hills

Electing felon would
shatter our ideals

Re: “Trump guilty on 34 counts” (Page A1, May 31).

Regardless of political affiliation, as an American, I would be insulted and mortified to have a convicted felon representing my country.

Having a president who has been convicted of committing crimes tells the world we have no morals — do not obey the law or have respect for others.

Democracy and the existence of this country as we know it are seriously threatened by having a leader who has no regard for our legal system.

Unfortunately, some exceptions exist, but no one should be above the law. If we elect a convicted felon as our president, it negates the touchstone of our legal system.

Marcia Fariss

Voters must help hold
Trump accountable

Re: “Trump guilty on 34 counts” (Page A1, May 31).

Donald Trump racked up his third and most devastating legal defeat in a year, with a New York jury finding him guilty of 34 criminal counts of falsifying business records, earning him the infamous status of first former president to be a convicted felon. This year, a New York court ordered the Trump organization to pay more than $350 million for financial fraud in a civil lawsuit. Another jury found Trump liable for sexually abusing and defaming E. Jean Carroll and ordered him to pay $83.3 million in damages.

Trump, in his 2024 presidential campaign, has promised retribution against his enemies and said he would be a dictator on his first day in office, after earlier talking about suspending the Constitution. With the most serious cases of federal election fraud and classified documents cases still awaiting trial, voters have the momentous decision to hold Trump accountable, allowing the criminal justice system to lock him up, or electing him for four more years.

 Warren Seifert

A whole page of
Trump is too much

On Saturday, I turned the pages of my Mercury News to Page A4. I was absolutely appalled to see the whole page dedicated to Donald Trump. (Oh, there were a couple of lines about Kamala Harris doing a fundraising buried in an article about Trump.)

When are you going to stop giving him free press? He’s a convicted felon and awaits sentencing. Why not wait until that happens and report the outcome rather than subjecting your readers to five articles on the same page?

I am sick of having to look at him every day, and I can’t believe you are allowing this to happen.

Katie Dent

East Side takes pride
in our graduates

Friends of the Dr. Roberto Cruz Alum Rock Library were proud to be one of the many sponsors on Honor Night at James Lick High School on May 29.

Big band music provided by the high school band filled the air as friends, donors and families entered the area decorated elegantly for the 45 awardees. A 1993 graduate, Gerald Gonzales, psychiatry physician at Kaiser and professor at Santa Clara University, gave an excellent keynote speech with advice for the students to stay “hungry” for knowledge of facts, people and places in the world.

Many Lick seniors are immigrants or children of immigrants going on to pursue degrees in nursing, engineering, computer science, economics and more.

Elaine Travers
San Jose

Building design should
benefit residents

Re: “100-plus homes might replace big office building on key San Jose site” (Page B1, May 25).

Generally, developers build as many affordable homes as possible in a limited space.

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