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Margaret Josephs wanted castmates to quit RHONJ with her if Luis Ruelas returned


Margaret Josephs wanted to quit RHONJ because if Luis Ruelas. Pic credit: Bravo

More information has emerged about the feud between Jackie Goldschneider and Margaret Josephs and the details are interesting.

While we were led to believe it was all because of a book deal that Margaret wanted to take credit for, now we know it was much deeper than that.

Jackie has been bashed by The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans for dropping Melissa Gorga and Margaret like hot bread and cozying up to Teresa Giudice.

However, the mom of four claims her fallout with Margaret occurred because she expected a level of loyalty that Jackie wasn’t willing to give.

After a tense Season 13 reunion, Margaret wanted Luis Ruelas gone from the show and had plans to quit the series if he returned.

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She also wanted Jen Fessler and Jackie to follow suit, but Jackie was not on board with that.

Jackie Goldschneider says Margaret Josephs wanted them to quit to show because of Luis Ruelas

Jackie told Page Six that she and Margaret’s friendship had already taken a turn before filming Season 14.

“When people don’t know that they think that I just came in and had an agenda,” said the RHONJ star who reasoned that Margaret expected a “level of loyalty that…was above and beyond.”

“I think that Margaret wanted — if Luis was coming back to the show — she didn’t want me and Jenn Fessler to come back to the show,” explained Jackie. “She wanted to leave and she wanted all of us to leave together.”

“Jenn Fessler said ‘Okay I will do that for you, and I said ‘I will not do that for you,’” Jackie revealed.

RHONJ fans are not buying what Jackie is selling

Jackie has been getting dragged by RHONJ viewers for betraying her longtime pals for a friendship with Teresa and her recent interview didn’t change anyone’s opinion.

“I don’t believe her not one bit 😂. Teresa who bullied you and Marge and Melissa came to your defense and now u snaked them,” responded a commenter.

“I cannot even listen more than a few seconds… she is trying her best to get back on the show and do like her but wtf this is embarrassing,” said someone else.

One commenter noted that she liked Jackie “until she stepped into the dark side and became a wanna-be. So sad! Marge and Melissa had a solid friendship with her, but she’s making a huge mistake.”

RHONJ fans bash Jackie Goldschneider
Pic credit: @pagesix/Instagram

Another added, “She truly doesn’t realize how many times Marge and Melissa went to bat for her. Shes all about staying relevant, so she’s playing the other side and that’s just gross.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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