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Iran’s Zafar 2 Satellite Ready For Launch This Year


Zafar 2, a satellite made by Iranian researchers at an Iranian university is one of Iran’s most important space projects, and is scheduled to be launched into orbit later this year.

Iran’s Tasnim News Agency reporoted, the remote-sensing satellite, built by Iran’s University of Science and Technology, is fitted with various capabilities.

Zafar 2, made as a measurement satellite, is the fourth achievement by the university’s researchers in the field of satellite technology since 2011.

This satellite has been designed for imaging the globe and monitoring natural resources.

Zafar 2 has the same capabilities of Zafar 1, but its camera has a higher resolution and has an accuracy of 16 meters.

The satellite is expected to be launched into the low-earth orbit (LEO) with the Simorgh satellite carrier, just like the Zafar 1 satellite.

Iran started its research activities in the field of aerospace in mid-90s and has taken giant strides ever since by building and launching various indigenous satellites.

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