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How did the humble water bottle become the ultimate storage device?


The Stanley cup craze and its possibilities continue to wow the world (Picture: Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Simply sipping from your Stanley cup is sooo yesterday.

We’ll be honest with you – sometimes, we cannot keep up. Not content with using the viral Stanley Quencher water bottle to, ya know, drink from, social media users are now pimping them.

Instagrammer Emily Leah (who has over 165k followers) is known for her quirky Amazon finds, but she took things to an entirely new level as she accessorised her Stanley cup ahead of a spot of light exercise.

Captioning her Reel: ‘Packing My Tumbler: to go on a walk (COMMENT “tumbler” & you’ll get a DM from me with the links🔗☁️)’, she also added that ‘Everything is on my Amazon Storefront & LTK Storefront,’ so that others could replicate.

The video – which has been liked over 430,000 times and received over 37,000 comments – features a variety of accessories, such as a ring and lip balm holder; a pouch to house a phone, comb, wipes and other essentials; and a fan, keyring chain and much more.

While we must admit, the more we watch the video, the more tempted we are to try this ourselves, reading the comments on the video is perhaps more entertaining and enjoyable.

There are some users who applaud her, with @Olivvia.bucci commenting, ‘Awww Stanley’s first day of kindergarten 🥺 he’s all ready to go’. But most followers have been left dumbfounded.

User @Thatgirlysophia commented: ‘LMAOOOOO THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS’, while @Uncletics posted, ‘Can you please block me 😭.’

Focusing on Emily’s activity that warranted the water bottle in the first place, @Zazicooks asked, ‘How many days are you walking for?😭’ and @Foodbymars offered a solution: ‘Idk who needs to hear this but it’s okay to use a bag 😂.’

But, you know, it goes us thinking – are the opportunities for adding uses to the Stanley cup endless? We did some searching of our own…

Other Stanley cup accessories on offer

We also took to Amazon and found this Snack Tray for Stanley (£6.85), offering the cup holder four compartments for a choice of sweets, crisps, nuts and other nibbles.

Also added to our basket are these adorable flower straw cover toppers (£5.99).

And – just in case our water bottle might be in danger of getting lost or mistaken for someone else’s – these Stanley-compatible name plates (£5.89).

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