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The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky calls All Stars 4 castmate ‘fair weather friend’ after recent comments


laurel stucky face shot from the challenge all stars 4
The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky appears in a confessional interview during All Stars 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

Laurel Stucky fired back at her castmate from The Challenge: All Stars 4 following drama with her rival, Cara Maria Sorbello.

Viewers saw Cara become someone Laurel could come to for comfort when she needed to discuss her feelings about ex-girlfriend Nicole Zanatta and a potential rekindling of their romance.

However, Cara became caught up in their emotional situation and was at odds with Nicole and other castmates, including Laurel.

One scene even featured Laurel screaming at Cara after she interjected herself in a situation involving Laurel and Nicole.

However, she’s since commented about what happened that viewers didn’t see in the episode.

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In addition, she blasted another castmate, Ryan Kehoe, after he seemingly chose to sever ties with her and side with Cara. A clip from the recent episode showed Ryan and Laurel seeming to get along fine.

Laurel responds to a fan who claimed her All Stars 4 castmate is ‘trying to clout chase’

A Challenge superfan account on Instagram recently shared screenshots of social media messages posted by Ryan, Challenge fans, and Laurel.

In his message, Ryan explained he was “just getting to know Laurel and Cara again” on All Stars 4 after they appeared as castmates on 2009’s Fresh Meat 2.

“Cara has become an even closer friend since we filmed AS4 and if I knew then what I know now I would’ve been on a completely different side of that fence. HUGE lesson learned,” he posted.

“I stand with Cara 100% moving forward, she is my girl and I have her back always,” Ryan commented.

Several screenshotted messages showed Laurel responding to fans, including one that told her: “thirsty Ryan in the Challenge IG comments trying to suck up to Cara’s fans.”

Laurel indicated that Ryan told her he had “resentment” against her after she stopped talking to him last year.

“Not surprised he is up to that,” she commented.

In another message, a fan told Laurel that Ryan’s “been trying to clout chase off of you since All Stars 4,” and now “all of a sudden he’s trying to hop on the Cara side of things.”

“Let me say this, one thing I don’t keep are fair weather friends,” Laurel replied to the fan comment.

As mentioned, Laurel was involved in that All Stars 4 scene where she erupted, exploding in anger by yelling in Cara’s face about her situation with Nicole. She responded to a fan who commented, “It was difficult to see you screaming like that” at Cara.

According to Laurel, she “immediately apologized for raising [her] voice and it getting to that level.”

However, she indicated production left it out of the final footage for the episodes. She suggested that maybe producers didn’t consider it “interesting to show.”

Another castmate has no ill will toward Laurel after her elimination decision

Laurel returned to The Challenge for MTV’s Ride or Dies season, followed by an appearance as a mercenary champion on Season 39, Battle For a New Champion.

She followed that up by going on All Stars 4, a Paramount+ spinoff of MTV’s competition series featuring OGs from Are You The One?, Fresh Meat, Real World, and Road Rules.

During the spinoff, she reunited with her rival, Cara Maria, and former castmates, including Kam Williams, Leroy Garrett, Nicole, and Ryan.

In Episode 9, viewers saw Kam agree to a plan Laurel discussed with her about going into elimination against Cara Maria. It worked out since Kam and Cara ended up in the group of worst-performing players during the daily challenge.

Laurel also told Kam she wanted to get a Star, which host TJ Lavin said made competitors eligible for the final. For that, Laurel planned to take Kam’s spot in the elimination to take out Cara and claim her Star. She shared similar remarks with Nicole.

However, that didn’t happen as Laurel decided it was in her best interest to let the two strong women battle it out, with one going home. That meant one less opponent for her in the final, and it ended up being Kam, who got eliminated.

Following the episode’s release on Paramount+, Kam said in an interview that she didn’t hold it against Laurel as it was a smart strategy. In addition, Kam seemed to indicate that she didn’t have issues with her All Stars 4 castmates, including Cara, despite a fierce feud they appeared to have during the season.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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