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Iran Warns US, UK Responsible For Repercussions Of “provocative Attacks” On Yemen


Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani has warned the US and UK are responsible for the repercussions of deadly provocative attacks on Yemen, condemning the recent raids that left dozens of civilians dead and injured.

The US and the UK attacked some districts in the Yemeni cities of Sana’a and Hudaydah on Thursday night.

Kanaani said the targeting of citizens and civilians in Yemen was carried out while the US and the UK provide incessant and unlimited support for the continuation of the Zionist regime’s war crimes and genocide against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Kanaani added the raids were aimed at expanding insecurity in the region and stopping the honorable support by the Yemeni people and the National Salvation Government for the Palestinian nation.

The spokesperson said the continued breach of Yemen’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity and the raid on the people in the country are vivid examples of violating international laws and regulations as well as human rights.

He warned, the US and British governments are responsible for the repercussions of the crimes against the Yemeni people.

Kanaani called on the international community and world assemblies as well as Muslim states to back the Yemeni people and stand up against the provocative and adventurous moves by the US and Britain in the region.

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