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Natalie Reynolds Faces Backlash After Shooting Paintball At Kick Streamer During Ice Poseidon’s Event –


Controversial internet personality Natalie Reynolds found herself at the center of another storm, this time for shooting a paintball at Kick streamer Benny Mack during a livestream. The incident took place on May 31, 2024, as part of Paul “Ice Poseidon’s” ongoing “Scavenger Hunt” event. Reynolds, along with her friends, confronted a group of Kick streamers, culminating in her shooting a paintball at Benny Mack.

Mack immediately reacted, accusing the 25-year-old Reynolds of assault and charging at her, grabbing her arm. He demanded that her actions result in her being banned from the streaming platform, exclaiming:

“Natalie, I’m over here! [The Kick streamer shoots a paintball at Benny Mack] Ah! Oi, bch! That’s assault! Hey, bch! That’s assault and I don’t have glasses on. That’s against Kick’s ToS (Terms of Service). Don’t come at me with a fking firearm, bch!”

Natalie Reynolds, visibly shocked, retaliated by calling him a “psycho.” She responded:

“Bro, what the fk?! What the fk is wrong with you? Dude, you’re f**king psycho! What is wrong with you?”

Benny Mack, still seething, shot back:

“No, no, you’re the psycho, bch! Look at my arm, you psycho. Banned! Banned bch! Banned bch! Streaming again, wre?! I’ve got the gun now! Psycho, back off! You got a gun, too? Pass me the gun. Pass me the gun! Do you trust me?”

The situation escalated until Reynolds’ friends intervened, with Kick streamer Adrian “SweaterGXD” pushing Mack away. Later that day, Reynolds took to X (formerly Twitter) to comment on the incident, writing:

“Crazy guy attacks me after getting shot with a paintball gun.”

This incident follows closely on the heels of another controversy involving Reynolds. On May 30, 2024, she went viral after a video surfaced in which she dared a woman to jump into a waterbody for $20. The situation escalated when the woman allegedly began drowning, prompting SweaterGXD to claim that the woman was “floating away.” Reynolds and her friends eventually fled the scene. Explaining her inability to assist, Natalie Reynolds stated:

“I can’t help her! They told me to leave. They told me I can’t film. Wait, is that actually really bad? She wanted to jump in! She wanted to skinny-dip with me. She wanted me to get naked. If she’s really that mentally ill, she shouldn’t be by the water in the first place.”

In response to the backlash, Reynolds tweeted that the woman “wanted to swim” and “got the help that she needed.” She urged netizens to “stop dragging s**t.”

Natalie Reynolds’ recent actions and the ensuing controversies have sparked widespread criticism and debate, highlighting the volatile nature of live-streamed content and the ethical responsibilities of influencers.



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