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Here comes the hard part for the grit-and-grind SF Giants


Not long ago I asked this Giants team to tap into a unifying spirit or identity — a guiding principle that would allow them to grind out wins despite massive lineup turnover and a pitching rotation that’s falling apart at the seams.

And the Giants have done exactly that.

Is it sustainable? Probably not.

But it’s the only route toward good baseball for this team, at least until they find some equilibrium on the roster.

As of Thursday morning, the Giants have won four straight series, including one this week against the NL-best Phillies, putting them in a Wild Card spot in the National League.

That deserves a big thumbs up. (One the fanbase seems to be giving them, for what it’s worth.)

Now comes the tough part: the final 105 games of the season.

How long can the Giants keep this up? There are signs it’s already slowing.

Over the last two weeks, the Giants starting pitchers have only thrown 46 percent of the team’s innings.

And now the young hitters who helped put a charge in this team are starting to find out that staying in the big leagues is just as tough — if not tougher — than making it.

If the Giants are, in fact, a team whose identity is grit and grind, they’re going to need to get grittier over the next few weeks. Luckily, they have some recent practice.

Down: Luis Matos

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