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Dylan Mulvaney Responds To Backlash After Unknowingly Mocking Politician In Paid Cameo –


Dylan Mulvaney has spoken out after being embroiled in controversy when a Republican politician paid for a Cameo video in which she unknowingly mocked their opponent.

Rick Clark Becker, a failed North Dakota candidate for the state’s governorship and U.S. Senate seat, purchased the Cameo video from Mulvaney, a prominent transgender social media influencer, to troll his opponent. He did so without informing Mulvaney of his true intentions. Becker instructed her to make a video praising North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak’s “change of career” without disclosing the prank’s context.

Becker shared the video on his X account (formerly Twitter), boasting about the stunt and drawing widespread criticism for the “disrespectful” and “juvenile online bullying.”

Speaking out about the ordeal on her TikTok page on May 30, Mulvaney explained, “This week, someone purchased a Cameo video from me. I had absolutely no idea the intent behind it, so I made the video. It turns out it was a conservative politician using the video to bully his opponent. I wish I could say that this was the first time that this happened, but I am in fact the most gullible person in the world.”

In response to the “hate and ignorance” demonstrated by Becker, Dylan Mulvaney vowed to donate 100% of her Cameo profits for the next month to Save the Children to support the “innocent lives” in Gaza amidst the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

The incident began when Becker purchased the video from Mulvaney on the personalized video message site, instructing her to direct it to his Republican primary opponent for the state’s single U.S. House seat. Mulvaney, unaware of the prank, recorded the video praising Fedorchak for supposedly promoting green energy and reducing harmful coal plants, statements that were false given Fedorchak’s pro-coal, anti-green energy stance.

Becker shared the video, mocking both Dylan Mulvaney and Fedorchak. “Getting this video made was pretty dang fun,” Becker wrote, misgendering Mulvaney. “Dylan Mulvaney, though I doubt he knows who Julie Fedorchak is, did an excellent job highlighting her work against coal plants in North Dakota and her desire to work with RINO’s in DC. Well worth the Cameo fee for the laugh and to get our message out.”

The backlash against Becker’s stunt was swift. Barry Nelson of the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition condemned it as “juvenile online bullying.” Christina Sambor, North Dakota State Director at Gender Justice, called it “appalling” and out of touch with North Dakotan values. Amy Jacobson, Executive Director of Prairie Action North Dakota, described Becker’s actions as “deeply disappointing” and “profoundly damaging.”

Even the coal industry distanced itself from Becker. Jason Bohrer, chair of a prominent coal PAC in the state, stated that Becker was not on their list of legislators to approach for research and development projects.

Dylan Mulvaney’s decision to turn the incident into a positive by supporting a charitable cause has been widely praised, contrasting sharply with the negative reception to Becker’s prank.



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