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BA have introduced a new space saving hack, but passengers haven’t clicked yet


Arms shoving a small piece of luggage to the top shelf of an aircraft (Credits: Getty Images)

Holiday-goers set to travel on one of British Airways new fleet of short-haul planes this year will notice their boarding experience is a little more relaxing than usual.

The eight next generation aircrafts arriving in 2024 have been redesigned – with one under-the-radar, yet very important, change.

We’ve all experienced the joy of trying to find space in the overhead storage on a busy flight and felt our blood pressure rise as we desperately attempt to wedge a case in somewhere nearby, for fear of it being taken far from where we’re sat otherwise.

However, the brains behind these new planes understood just how real our struggle was and have made one simple change: the size of the overhead bin. 

Now, if you’re heading on a short-haul hol on one of these new BA planes, you can actually store your bag on its side rather than face down in the extra-large overhead bins, creating more storage space all round.

BA’s new planes also feature brand new seats and more accessible USB ports (Picture: British Airways)
Now, you can actually store your bag on its side rather than face down thanks to extra-large storage bins (Picture: British Airways)

Yet, most of the passengers who have used it so far, haven’t realised it even exists.

Having been on one of the plane’s recently alongside the man behind the new design, BA’s Chief Customer Officer Calum Laming, Metro.co.uk saw just how much travellers had become used to quickly putting their cases in flat to avoid any dramas, even though the space was there to use. 

Thankfully, the cabin crew knew the drill and quickly made sure all bags were stored in much a more space-saving way, making room for even more luggage – and less last-minute storage dramas.

And the new and improved over-head bins isn’t the only change on the new A320neo and A321neo aircrafts, which have been redesigned to ‘reflect a British modern yet classic interior, combining a progressive approach with traditional elements that draw inspiration from the flag carrier’s rich heritage.’

The ‘timeless look that reflects the sophistication and elegance of British craftsmanship’, will feature seats made from Scottish leather and curtains and carpets from Dublin.

Talking of overhead dramas, one cabin crew member recently revealed the single worst thing a passenger can do on an airplane – and it involves the overhead bin.

‘Putting any type of bottle that has liquid in it in the overhead bin,’ an American flight attendant who goes by Cher declared on TikTok, in a video which has been viewed more than 73,000 times.

‘Every single time, without fail, that water bottle, as soon as we take off, is going to leak inside the bin.’

Cher, who has been cabin crew for five years, hates this so much, that she described it as ‘heinous, evil and diabolical.’

While she admits it’s an easy mistake to make, saying, ‘it’s tempting to do this if it’s in the outer pocket of your backpack,’ she’s adamant it’s poor plane behaviour.

So why is it so awful? ‘Not only does that soak everybody else’s bags, the water always picks one person and it’ll follow a stream and completely dump out of the bin onto one person,’ explains Cher.

What else do the new BA planes have?

Extra features on the new A320neo and A321neo aircrafts which will fly out of Hethrow include:

Enhanced sidewalls

Welcome ‘halo’ light and mood lighting

Mounted USB-C power at every seat

The adjustable headrest and pre-reclined seat have been reintroduced to increase space. 

A bridge has been reintroduced between the seats in Club Europe, leaving an area for passengers to place things on, away from their tray table.

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