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Trump Opts Not to Take Witness Stand in Hush Money Case as Testimony Ends


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Former U.S. President Donald Trump chose not to testify in his criminal hush money trial, ending his defence and setting the stage for jurors to begin deliberations. This decision concludes weeks of speculation about whether Trump would personally address the charges against him. These charges involve falsifying business records to conceal a hush-money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.

For weeks, Trump fuelled speculation about whether he would testify, potentially aiming to convince the jury that his intentions were to protect his family from embarrassment rather than conceal an affair that could harm his political ambitions. However, criminal defendants rarely testify in their own trials due to the risks involved, including exposure to tough cross-examination and the potential for perjury if they lie under oath.

Trump’s decision not to testify may have been influenced by his previous courtroom experience. In a civil fraud trial last year, his defiant and often rambling testimony resulted in a reprimand from the judge and a $355 million penalty. A similar performance in the hush money case could have alienated the jury and damaged his defence. Retired New York judge George Grasso noted, “He could tank his whole case with one outburst.” If this case were to be on online casino, it would definitely attract high odds because of the media attentions it has drawn.

Federal judge rejects Donald Trump effort to halt Jan. 6 civil suit | Courthouse News Service

Image source: Courthouse News Service

The Charges and Legal Strategies

Trump, 77, faces 34 charges of falsifying business records. He has pleaded not guilty and denies any wrongdoing, insisting that he never had a sexual encounter with Daniels. The prosecution argues that the falsified records were intended to cover up violations of election and tax laws. They claim the hush money was essentially an unreported campaign contribution, elevating the charges from misdemeanours to felonies, each carrying a potential prison sentence of up to four years.

Throughout the trial, Trump has publicly criticized the judge, Juan Merchan, labelling him as corrupt. He has also accused the prosecution of attempting to derail his bid to return to the White House in the upcoming November 2024 election. Despite these accusations, Merchan has remained steadfast, focusing on the legal proceedings. In sports betting, Trump would have a low odd because he is well known to be outspoken, so the accusations would not hold waters.

Defense and Prosecution Witnesses

Trump’s legal team called two witnesses to bolster his defence. They also sought to have the case dismissed before it reached the jury, arguing that the prosecution’s key witness, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, has a history of lying. However, such dismissal motions are rarely granted, and Merchan indicated that he preferred to let the jury evaluate Cohen’s credibility.

Cohen testified that he had multiple conversations with Trump about the payment to Daniels during the final weeks of the 2016 campaign. He claimed that Trump was concerned that Daniels’ story would harm his appeal to women voters. Cohen’s testimony was supported by additional evidence presented by the prosecution, further linking Trump to the payment and the alleged cover-up.

Jury Deliberations and Political Implications

With the defence rested, Merchan announced that the jury would return next Tuesday, following the three-day Memorial Day weekend, to hear closing arguments. Deliberations are expected to begin the following day. The case’s outcome could have significant implications not only for Trump but also for the broader political landscape as he seeks to regain the presidency. The hush money trial has captivated public attention, highlighting the ongoing legal and ethical challenges facing Trump. His decision not to testify reflects a calculated legal strategy aimed at minimizing risks while maintaining his stance of innocence. The trial’s proceedings underscore the complexities and high stakes involved in prosecuting a former president who remains a highly influential and polarizing figure.

Background and Context

The origins of the case date back to the final stretch of the 2016 presidential campaign when Trump, then a businessman and political newcomer, faced numerous accusations of sexual misconduct. Daniels’ allegation of a 2006 affair with Trump threatened to become a major scandal. To prevent this, Cohen facilitated a $130,000 payment to Daniels in exchange for her silence. The payment was later reimbursed by Trump and falsely recorded as legal expenses by the Trump Organization. Prosecutors argue that these actions constituted an effort to illegally influence the election by preventing damaging information from reaching voters. They contend that the falsified business records were part of a broader scheme to hide the true nature of the payment and its connection to the campaign.

Legal and Political Ramifications

The trial’s outcome could have profound effects on Trump’s political future and the Republican Party. A conviction could hinder his campaign efforts, while an acquittal might embolden his supporters and reinforce his narrative of being targeted by a politically motivated justice system. Regardless of the verdict, the trial has already intensified the scrutiny on Trump’s legal troubles, which include several other investigations and lawsuits. For Trump’s legal team, the focus now shifts to the closing arguments, where they will aim to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case and the credibility of their key witness, Michael Cohen. The prosecution, on the other hand, will seek to tie together the evidence and testimony to demonstrate Trump’s culpability beyond a reasonable doubt.

As the jury prepares to deliberate, the nation watches closely, aware that the decision will resonate far beyond the courtroom. The trial not only addresses allegations of financial misconduct and election interference but also tests the resilience of the legal system in holding powerful figures accountable. The coming days will be critical in determining whether Trump’s efforts to protect his legacy and political career will succeed or if the legal challenges he faces will become an insurmountable obstacle on his path back to the presidency.



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