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The 49ers are betting big on Brock Purdy… and a 62-year-old position coach


SANTA CLARA — If you had asked a fan this offseason where the Niners most needed to improve year-over-year, they likely would have told you the offensive line.

And, speaking from experience here, they would have been emphatic about it.

Indeed, there were questions from left tackle (Trent Williams looked like a shell of himself in the Super Bowl), to right tackle come the end of the season. The forgettable guys up front were front-and-center on Niners fans’ minds this spring.

I don’t think the same could be said for the Niners’ front office. San Francisco didn’t add any key contributors to the offensive line in free agency and added only two o-linemen in the draft — Dominick Puni in the third round and Jarrett Kingston in the sixth.

The fan response to that has been equally emphatic, and hardly positive.

But the 49ers’ offseason o-line moves — or lack thereof — were principled.

The Niners might not have put big money or serious draft capital into protecting quarterback Brock Purdy, but they did bet on the offensive line.

The offensive line coach, that is.

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