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Solange Conceived On The Nile River In Egypt –


Tina Knowles, the 70-year-old businesswoman and matriarch of the Knowles family, recently shared a fascinating story on Vogue’s “The Run-Through” podcast about the conception of her younger daughter, Solange. Knowles revealed that Solange was conceived on the Nile River in Egypt, an unexpected and memorable detail about the singer’s origins.

“I thought I was having a boy and I wanted to name him Niles. But little did I know, here came this girl,” Knowles recounted in the May 23 episode. This revelation adds a unique layer to the already rich history surrounding Solange and her older sister, Beyoncé.

During the podcast, Tina Knowles also delved into the inspiration behind her daughters’ names. She reminisced about purchasing a baby name book in Paris for a friend, which she later used when she found out she was expecting. “I bought a baby name book in Paris for my girlfriend and she was going to have a baby. And then the next year I wound up having a baby, so I pulled that old book out,” she explained.

Solange, now 37, had previously touched on her conception story during a 2017 interview with the Evening Standard. She described feeling a deep connection to her origins, linking her conception in Egypt to the Giza pyramids and the constellation Orion, which aligns with Giza. Her 2017 tour was aptly titled “Orion’s Rise,” further emphasizing this connection. Additionally, she collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on a song called “Nile” for Beyoncé’s 2019 “The Lion King: The Gift” soundtrack.

Knowles welcomed Solange in June 1986, five years after giving birth to Beyoncé. Beyoncé’s name holds its own family significance, as it is derived from Knowles’ maiden name, which evolved from “Boyoncé” and “Beyincé.” Knowles explained on the podcast that it was important for her to keep the name alive because there were “very few” boys in the family.

Tina Knowles has been in the headlines for more than just her revelations about Solange. Earlier this week, she also shared insights about Beyoncé’s childhood, revealing that the 32-time Grammy winner was bullied as a child. “She was very shy and she got bullied a bit,” Knowles told Vogue. “But the day that she stood up for someone — she didn’t stand up for herself she stood up for them. … I couldn’t have been more proud of her.”

This intimate glimpse into the Knowles family’s history offers fans a deeper understanding of the unique and storied backgrounds of two of music’s most influential figures.



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