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Sarah Silverman Retired Arrogant, Ignorant Character Because of Trump


Sarah Silverman is getting candid about retiring the “arrogant, ignorant” character she rode to fame early in her career because of Donald Trump.

The comedian stopped by Fail Better with David Duchovny, from Lemonada Media, where she opened up about evolving with the times in her comedy and how the former president’s election played a part in one of those evolutions.

“It wasn’t really a conscious, ‘Hey, that stuff doesn’t work, so I’m going to go a different way,’” she told David Duchovny on the podcast. “I think I just very naturally started changing. My first comedy special, Jesus Is Magic, is like, ‘I’m Sarah Silverman, but I’m totally doing a character’ and that character — it carried on into my Comedy Central show, The Sarah Silverman Program — was an arrogant ignorant.”

Silverman continued, “So having Trump win, not that it carried through up until Trump was elected, but especially when Trump was elected and how the world changed in that way, that character was no longer really amusing to me because he embodies that completely.”

The Maestro actress went on to compare comedy to a painting. If someone is to look at the same painting every day for the rest of their lives, it would start to look different over time because of things happening in that person’s life that alter their perspective. She explained that “in some ways” her older content “doesn’t hold up” anymore.

“Comedy really dies in the second-guessing of your audience,” she added. “You really have to stay with what is funny to you and that hopefully changes over time because it means you’ve grown, or you’ve changed, or the world has changed and you’ve changed with it, or the world has changed and you haven’t changed with it.”



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