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How many miles does truck need? – Chicago Tribune


Q: I have a 2016 Ford F-350 single wheel rear axle that I bought for towing my camper. I also have a company car that I drive daily. My F-350 only has 40,000 miles on it so it is a weekend driver and I usually drive it on Fridays just to put miles on it. Does this damage the motor? I have heard pros and cons to both. I’d appreciate your input.

L.R., Virginia Beach, Virginia

A: Most engine wear occurs in the first few minutes after cold soak (cold engine) starts. The engine is happier after reaching normal operating temperature and being driven at highway speeds. If this sounds like your behavior, you’re good.

Q: Sir, what matters more in oil change frequency, time or mileage? Our 2007 Toyota Avalon, with full synthetic oil, goes way past time before it ever gets to mileage since we are both retired and also have another vehicle. Thanks for lubricating us with your vast automotive knowledge!

R.R., Pittsboro, North Carolina

A: Most carmakers require owners to change their oil annually, even if the mileage requirement isn’t met. For cars still under warranty, this is a must to maintain the warranty. Oil degrades over time. Moisture (water) is a major culprit and may not get cooked off during lots of short trips. One more bit of advice: Don’t get lubricated before getting behind the wheel.

Q: I drive a 2016 RAV4. Sunlight from side windows causes a glare on the computer screen making it impossible to use at times. Is there anything that can be done to reduce or eliminate it? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

R.C., Glastonbury, Connecticut

A: You can buy anti-glare film and trim it to fit. Some products also have an anti-fingerprint feature. I found the EZ-Pro three-pack product on Amazon for under $15. It can be trimmed with an X-Acto knife or razor blade. Check Walmart and Best Buy, too.

Q: My wife and I have a lot of CDs we like to listen to when driving. I have a 2015 Subaru Forester with CD player, which no longer works, but I can plug in my Sony Walkman using an AUX/line-in cord. She had a 2011 Honda CR-V with CD player, which she recently got rid of for a 2023 Honda HR-V, which does NOT have a CD player, but does have a USB 2.0 and a USB-C port (for phones, iPods, etc.). If there is an AUX/line-in port I cannot find it (600+ page manual does not mention it). I figured buying a male 3.5 mm jack (for CD player) to USB cable would do the trick, but no luck. The car recognizes that something is attached, but no sound comes out. Did I get the wrong cable? Is it possible to connect a CD player to this car’s sound system?

D.J., Allentown, Pennsylvania

A: My Walkman ran away a few years ago. I considered posting “lost dog” type signs around town but figured it would cost more to print them up than to buy a new portable CD player with Bluetooth functionality. Mine even has anti-skip, which is handy on gravel roads. I can play my Pink Floyd collection through a Bluetooth speak wherever I go. That includes the pickup truck. Many cars have Bluetooth compatibility. I suggest you consult an expert in the electronics department of your favorite store.

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