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Hallmark Christmas Cruise: New Docuseries in the Works Capturing the Magic on Christmas on the Water


Today, Hallmark Media announces a brand new unscripted reality series that will begin filming this fall.

If you are a true Hallmark fan, a Hallmarkie, if you will, then you might have heard they’re setting sail two Christmas themed cruises this November.

They’ll be filming a docuseries of one of the maiden voyages to show the world what being a Hallmark fan is all about.

Christmas Cruise

The Hallmark Christmas Cruise Is Sold Out

The series will follow Hallmark’s first-ever Christmas Cruise, which sold out in record time!

Cameras will capture the sail through the eyes of different superfans, from the Christmas-themed festivities, talent interactions, and a Hallmark Christmas come to life onboard!

The enthusiasm for Hallmark’s first-ever cruise was immediately clear as it sold out in record time.

I can tell you about the disappointment of discovering it was sold out before our day to register even arrived as my friend and I were two of those hoping to get on board!

Hallmark Christmas on the Open Seas

Capturing the Excitement of Hallmark Fans Everywhere

But we had one heck of a Christmas gift awaing us.

For those who diligently put their names on the waiting list in the event a cabin opened up, Santa came early.

Due to the overwhelming demand, Hallmark quickly organized a second cruise to accommodate eager devotees. Spoiler alert: Thanks to my friend, we’re setting sail on November 17!

Cameras will follow the second sailing from November 17-21, capturing the magic of the cruise through the eyes of the most passionate fans as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

A Magic in Mistletoe Stroll

An Immersive Christmas-themed Experience

Viewers will gain an exclusive look at the immersive Christmas-themed experience that only Hallmark can provide, sharing in the joy and unparalleled excitement of the fan community.

The docuseries promises to highlight heartwarming moments with cruisers planning special milestone celebrations onboard.

Hallmark Christmas Cruise (working title) is another addition to Hallmark’s expanding portfolio of unscripted content.

Setting sail from Miami to Nassau, the cruise will feature an array of beloved Hallmark stars hosting festive holiday-themed competitions, events, and meet-and-greets.

Hallmark superfans will have the opportunity to bond together over their shared love of Christmas and Hallmark.

Three Wise Men and a Baby

An Adventure of a Lifetime

Hallmark Christmas Cruise will follow these excited fans from their preparations at home to their five-day journey aboard the ship.

The series will also capture Hallmark talent interacting with cruisers, providing an insider’s look at the ultimate Hallmark experience.

This is a Hallmark fans dream come true, and for my friend and I and many like us, it’s a chance to reunite and celebrate a special bond that our love for Hallmark created.

We have very little by way of information about what lies ahead, but if the cruises capture even a small fraction of the Hallmark Christmas magic, journeiers will experience enough joy to last a lifetime.

Taking you all along for the ride is another Christmas gift that we cannot wait to unwrap!

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