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Below Deck Med Season 9 premiere teases Aesha Scott’s return, angry guests, and interior crew chaos


Aesha Scott on Below Deck Med Season 9
Aesha is back with Captain Sandy. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Med Season 9 premiere kicks off with fan favorite Aesha Scott returning to where it all began.

Thanks to Bravo, Below Deck Med fans have been given a couple of sneak peeks of the new season.

The New Zealand beauty looks fabulous as she makes her way to reunite with her friend, Captain Sandy Yawn.

Aesha gushes over being back with Captain Sandy and their friendship, even calling the captain her second mom.

After we see flashbacks of Aesha on Below Deck Down Under and Below Deck Med, it’s time to get down to business.

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Aesha goes off to work on cabin assignments, while Bosun Iain Maclean arrives with many thoughts on the dirty yacht.

Below Deck Med Season 9 crew introduced

Chef Johnathan Shillingford arrives next, and Captain Sandy looks pretty impressed by him. We learn more about Johnathan via his confessional, which includes his love of architecture, which plays into his cooking.

Below Deck Med Season 7 alum Elena Dubaich shows up next. Elena’s happy to be working with Captain Sandy since her first time around was so brief.

More crew arrive with a happy and fun vibe, but we all know that won’t last too long.

Elena ends up bunking with Bri Muller. The Below Deck Med Season 9 trailer revealed these to clash, so having them be bunkmates will be quite interesting.

Deckhands Joe Bradley and Nathan Gallager come aboard the Mustique yacht. Their accents are all the rage, with these two guys knowing the ladies love the accents.

Gael Cameron arrives last, but her stunning looks make quite an impression on everyone in the crew.

The first few minutes reveal that the yacht needs major cleaning, and time is of the essence because it’s less than 24 hours until the first charter guests are picked up.

Interior chaos erupts in Below Deck Med Season 9 premiere

Another preview reveals that the guests are unhappy because they have no clothes. They complain to Aesha, who is beside herself and embarrassed.

It turns out she put Bri in charge of laundry and asked her to steam a few things hours ago. Despite Aesha knowing Bri struggles in laundry, she knows steaming shouldn’t take that long.

In true Aesha fashion, she jumps in to get the guests what they want, basically doing Bri’s job. Speaking of Bri, she looks pretty annoyed that Aesha took over.

A flip of the scene shows the guests talking smack about the service.

Let’s just say things go from bad to worse for Bri when one guest literally comes to the laundry room. To watch the full preview clip, click here.

Make sure to tune in to the Below Deck Season 9 premiere to find out how the rest of the first episode plays out.

Below Deck Med Season 9 premieres on Monday, June 3 at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-8 are streaming on Peacock.

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