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7 awesome Bay Area things to do this weekend, May 31-June 2


Whether you’re hoping to take in a show, catch a fun festival or kick back and grill a yummy dinner — we’ve got you covered this weekend. So let’s get to it, shall we?

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1 SEE & HEAR: Great shows are all over

From a great new Native American art exhibit to cool free festivals and concerts to an amazing double bill of Feist and Sarah McLachlan, there is a lot to see and do in the Bay Area this weekend and beyond.

2 BAKE & SCARF: Make your own pizza

Sure, there are only about a gazillion places where you can buy pizza in the Bay Area, but making your own can be fun and delicious. And these three new cookbooks will help you up your game.

Historic Beltane Ranch makes a great stop during a day trip to Kenwood in Sonoma County. (Courtesy of Amber Turpin) 

3 PLAY: Cool Kenwood day trip

Whether you’re into winery-hopping, relaxing at a spa, or just enjoying the glorious Sonoma County scenery, Kenwood is one cool destination. Here’s a day trip itinerary.

4 COOK & EAT: Dress up your grilled chicken

If you’re looking to add some flair to that chicken you’re grilling, this easy recipe can turn your meal into a Greek treat.

5 SEE & HEAR: La Onda beckons

Now that another terrific BottleRock Napa has come and gone, it’s time to catch its awesome aftermath — the inaugural two-day La Onda Latin music festival. Here’s what you need to know.

Ry Barrett stars as a bizarrely costumed killer in “In a Violent Nature.” (IFC Films) 

6 WATCH: A superior slasher film

A long-ago injustice fuels the rage of a killer on the loose in “In a Violent Nature,” a slasher film that is way better than it has to be. It tops our roundup of compelling new movies and shows you should totally watch this weekend. Oh, and if you’re wondering which TV shows you should be excited about this summer, look no further.

7 SEE & HEAR: A gripping new opera

“Innocence,’ a new opera coming to San Francisco, is set in the tense aftermath of a school shooting. Read all about it here. And here are several other classical music performances to look forward to this summer.


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