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Royal fans react to reports that Kate Middleton has been out and about


Kate Middleton at an event
Kate Middleton has reportedly been out and about during her cancer ordeal. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Admedia

Every royal family fan has been looking for news about Kate Middleton for months, and some good news has been reported recently.

Kate Middleton has been retired from her public royal duties for months now as she recovers from her abdominal surgery and the preventative chemotherapy she has been receiving.

Her father-in-law, King Charles, has been back at work recently after his lengthy absence for cancer treatment following his enlarged prostrate surgery, and royal fans are looking for similar news about Kate Middleton.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Kate has been working behind the scenes on her favorite projects, including photography and charities.

Now, fans hope that Kate may return to her public life soon because of reports of her being seen running errands and spending time outside her home.

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Sources have told People that Kate has been “spotted out with her family and running solo errands.” This is promising news for her eventual recovery.

Fans are reacting to the news that Kate has been out and about during her cancer treatment

Everyone is happy to hear that Kate is well enough to get out and be able to run some errands. One fan said, “I hope she’s doing fine. May our God always save and protect her.”

Another fan said, “I hope she gets to enjoy some fresh air and shopping.”

It certainly is no fun to be cooped up inside, even in great castles and estates, during any illness, so it must be refreshing for the princess to be able to change things up a bit.

Royal family fans share about Kate Middleton
Pic credit: u/thoughtful_human/Reddit

Another fan commented on the media coverage that follows Kate’s every move, “Omg just leave her alone.”

Then a fan pointed out that there have not been many photos of Kate since 2023, saying, “She’s allegedly spotted out and about, but the only photos available are from 2023.”

Royal family fans share their feelings about Kate Middleton
Pic credit: u/thoughtful_human/Reddit

Prince William presents a trophy to Manchester United

While they do not post often, Prince William and Kate take the time to share awards and other good causes on their Instagram page.

Recently, Prince William congratulated Manchester United on their win at Wembley. The English soccer team won in a “historic” way, according to Prince William.

After their monumental win, the team won the English FA Cup, and Prince William said it was an “honor presenting the historic trophy” at the Wembley Stadium.

The win was historic because it was the fourth consecutive Premier League title in a row for Manchester United.

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