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Robin Roberts reveals behind-the-scenes moment at GMA left her ‘a little shaky’


robin roberts face shot from good morning america in may 2024
Robin Roberts said she had a startling moment at the GMA studio. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America star Robin Roberts revealed a startling moment at the studio that viewers missed.

She shared a “breaking news” moment about her co-star, George Stephanopoulos, just last week, but her latest GMA moment wasn’t on Tuesday’s show.

Robin, still wearing a cast on her arm after suffering an accident during her vacation, revealed the details of the behind-the-scenes moment in a video on Tuesday.

She regularly shares special videos on weekdays before appearing on the air as one of GMA’s anchors.

Her videos include a special morning message and prayer to give her fans and followers thought-provoking and motivational messages to apply to various life situations.

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Tuesday’s video on Instagram and elsewhere featured Robin in good spirits, but she also appeared shaken up.

Robin Roberts revealed a startling moment at the GMA studio that left everyone ‘a little shaky’

Robin wore a long-sleeved sweater and visible arm cast in her latest video. She greeted fans, friends, and followers with a “Good morning.”

She also offered good morning greetings to her Glam Fam, the stylists, and friends she had with her in her dressing room. However, Robin looked over to the side and back to the camera as if she was still calming down.

“Oh, we had the alarm going off here. People just walking around, but then the security said ‘false alarm,’” she shared, asking her friend what she said.

“Ain’t nothin’ false about an alarm,” a woman off-camera replied.

“Whew! Got my heart pumping,” Roberts shared as she continued to calm down.

“Good morning! Glam Fam & I are a little shaky after an alarm went off in the studio but not gonna stop us from sharing our #tuesdaythoughts
#cmon 😳,” she wrote in her Instagram post’s caption.

Roberts’ fans showed concern over GMA star’s shaky morning

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Roberts’ followers and fans replied to her video. Many thanked her for the inspirational words in her video, and some showed concern for her and others at the GMA studio.

“Yikes! Hope all is well,” a commenter tweeted in response to Robin’s video.

twitter screenshot shows fan expressing concern for robin roberts
A fan checks in. Pic credit: @RobinRoberts/X

“Good morning, Robin. Hope you’re all doing OK,” another commenter wrote.

“We’re all fine…thank goodness it was nothing,” Robin replied.

screenshot of robin roberts twitter reply to fan about shaky moment at gma
Robin messages a fan. Pic credit: @robinroberts/X

Another follower said they were sorry to hear about their “tough start” for the day but were “Glad all is well now.”

The individual also asked what happened to Robin’s “hand or wrist” to require the cast.

Screenshot from twitter as robin roberts fan shows concern after shaky moment at gma
Another fan checks in. Pic credit: @RobinRoberts/X

Roberts previously revealed on GMA that she had an accident on the tennis courts while away from the show. She was back on GMA after a vacation to Key West with her spouse, Amber Laign.

According to Robin, the injury happened when she was away playing tennis. She said she started backing up for a shot but lost her balance and fell backward. Robin explained that she tried to brace her fall by extending an arm but was holding the racket in that arm.

It resulted in a fracture, a cast, and weeks of recovery. Much like the “false alarm” didn’t stop her, the injury hasn’t stopped her from appearing regularly on GMA or presenting morning messages on social media.

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