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Fitness Influencer Rachael Finch Slammed For Pushing Daughter Too Hard In School Race –


Rachael Finch, Miss Universe Australia winner turned fitness influencer, faced backlash after posting a video where she runs behind her eight-year-old daughter, Violet, during a school cross-country race, encouraging her loudly. This incident has sparked a debate among fans and critics alike.

On Friday, Rachael Finch shared a video of herself on Instagram running behind her daughter, offering words of encouragement such as, “Here we go, it’s the second downhill. Suck in the air. Go, go, go! Watch the rocks! That’s it, Violet, well done.” The video, captioned “Crazy cam,” showed Finch’s enthusiasm, but not everyone appreciated her hands-on approach.

The criticism came to a head during a discussion on the popular influencer podcast, Outspoken, hosted by Amy, Kate, and Sophie Taeuber. The sisters expressed their disapproval, suggesting that Finch’s actions might have been disruptive and inappropriate. “I first saw people talking about this online before seeing the video, and at first, I was like, ‘Oh, she’s probably just one of those supportive parents.’ But this was next level,” one sister said.

Another sister questioned the school’s decision to allow Finch to run alongside her daughter, implying it might have given Violet an unfair advantage. “I don’t understand how this school let her run behind her child during the race. Surely it would have been really off-putting for the other kids?” she remarked.

The podcast hosts also speculated about the impact on other children and parents, given Violet’s commendable 12th place finish out of 100 participants. They suggested that Finch’s presence on the track could have been a distraction. “Can you imagine the other mums there seeing this? [They’d be asking], ‘Why the hell is she allowed at the school on the course?’” one of the sisters added.

While the podcast hosts acknowledged Finch’s dedication to her daughter’s activities, they expressed concerns that her behavior seemed overbearing. “It seems like she’s vicariously living through her child because this seemed to be one of her dreams,” one sister commented, while another noted, “Oh, it was very difficult to watch.”

The criticism didn’t stop there. Some parents expressed frustration, imagining the unfair pressure placed on their own children due to Finch’s actions. “I would be pretty p**sed off if I was a parent at this school,” one podcast host said, adding that the presence of an enthusiastic parent might have influenced the race’s outcome.

Despite the criticism, Rachael Finch has a significant following who appreciate her active role in promoting health and fitness for her children. Many followers defended her, praising her for instilling discipline and a healthy lifestyle in her kids. Finch recently shared a video of Violet playing tennis, emphasizing the importance of guiding children towards achieving their goals.

However, Finch is no stranger to controversy. She recently faced backlash for her children’s diet, being labeled an “almond mum” for allegedly pushing strict and unhealthy eating habits. Finch dismissed these accusations as absurd, stating that she focuses on providing healthy, balanced meals for her children.

In response to the “almond mum” label, Rachael Finch shared a candid post on Instagram, laughing off the criticism and engaging with her followers about the importance of healthy eating. She reaffirmed her commitment to her children’s well-being and her resilience in the face of online negativity.

While the debate continues, Finch remains steadfast in her approach to parenting, prioritizing her children’s health and happiness above all.



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