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Ben Platt Embraces His Nepotism Background In Candid Interview –


Ben Platt, currently performing a limited concert residency at the Palace Theatre on Broadway in advance of his third album, Honeymind, has finally embraced the “nepo baby” label. After years of being part of the nepotism discourse in the entertainment industry, Platt has admitted to his privileged status.

The Parade star’s residency at the newly renovated Palace Theatre, alongside his role in the 2021 film adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen (produced by his father Marc Platt), has often put him in the spotlight of nepotism debates. In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, Platt candidly acknowledged his position: “Of course, I acknowledge I’m an absolute nepo baby through and through by definition. My dad is a producer. I did grow up with an understanding of the business and an access to it. I will say that was the benefit, more so than it has been getting individual jobs as an adult.”

Ben Platt emphasized that while his father’s influence provided him with initial industry insights and access, his career development has largely been his own endeavor. “I think it really helped me to give me the tools and the foundation to build my career. Now that I have started to build it and really show what I can do… I do think it’s become much more a journey that I am the sort of autonomous leader of.”

He continued, “I absolutely acknowledge the privilege and the access, and the leg up that I have by being a nepo baby and have really tried throughout my whole career to do good on that opportunity by working hard to meet the opportunity and make the most of it, and just to lead by example and treat people with respect and be somebody that people want to work with because of me, not because of who my pop is.”

Fans will recall Platt’s feature on the infamous 2022 New York Magazine cover, which showcased him and other actors superimposed on the bodies of babies with the headline: “She has her mother’s eyes. And agent.” Initially, Ben Platt was uncomfortable with the “nepo baby” label. In a previous interview with Rolling Stone

Reflecting on the viral moment, Platt explained to Elle Magazine, “I do regret just giving that [question] too much power… I think that’s why I maybe felt such a knee-jerk kind of defensive reaction [in the Rolling Stone interview].” He acknowledged his sensitivity to discussions that may invalidate his work or belittle his achievements.

Ben Platt’s concert residency, Live at the Palace, runs until June 15 at the Palace Theatre on Broadway. As he continues to embrace his background and the opportunities it has afforded him, Platt remains focused on demonstrating his talent and dedication to his craft.



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