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Three bold roster moves for the surging SF Giants


The Giants’ youth movement has been a boon to the team, which has won eight of its last 10 games and, following Monday’s win over the Phillies, sits in a Wild Card spot in the National League.

The park is near-full, the vibes are high, and a bunch of guys are poised to come off the injured list in the coming days.

Good times, right?

Let’s pump the brakes for a moment.

Because Michael Conforto, Austin Slater, and Nick Ahmed need a place to play.

And while in baseball, these kind of roster crunches often take care of themselves — LaMonte Wade’s hamstring injury on Monday has cleared at least one spot — the Giants find themselves with too many position players and not enough spots.

A good problem to have — if you can solve it right.

Pair that problem with the Giants’ lack of starting pitchers and the youth of some of the team’s top performers as of late, and there’s an undercurrent of precariousness to the entire San Francisco operation at the moment.

And I say we lean into the strangeness of it all.

There’s never been a better time for bold, brash moves.

Here are three suggestions I have. I’d love to hear yours — [email protected]

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