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The Veil Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Cottage


Welp. The finale for The Veil has come with more questions and gone without answering a single one of them.

It was clear from the beginning that Imogen and Adilah were set for a rocky fate, but The Veil Season 1 Episode 6 ensured an ending that would change both women’s lives.

Truthfully, this one left quite a bit to be desired as far as series finales go. The six-episode series set up a plot that required far more episodes and possibly another season.

The Veil - Finale - Season 1 Episode 6

With so much buildup and excitement generated by the series’ promos and trailers, the show delivered a lackluster amount of action.

This last episode, in particular, was lacking quite a bit, not just in action but also in dialogue.

Compared to the rest of the season, the characters spent more time walking around empty spaces contemplating than they did actually speaking or doing anything.

However, a few key defining moments set this episode apart, such as seeing Max act like a child one more time in a schoolyard-style scuffle with Malik in the middle of French Intelligence.

Seriously, what’s that guy’s deal? How did he get to such a high-ranking government position while being childish and arrogant?

Your city sucks. Your intelligence services are twenty years out of date. I like your food.


He got into the most petty fight with Malik, mirroring their first interaction in The Veil Season 1 Episode 1.

Max & Mailk - The Veil - Season 1 Episode 6 - The Cottage

Max didn’t bring much to the series besides representing the worst kind of American visiting foreign countries. As stated in previous reviews, Max feels like the comic relief of the series.

For whatever reason, the writers gave him a somewhat heroic ending, even though audiences can all agree that he definitely would’ve done something terrible to Adilah if that driver hadn’t shot him.

Of all the characters to survive to the end, that’s the one the show decided deserved to make it home?

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His gun wound wasn’t even that bad. It wasn’t confirmed, but the bullet went clean through for an easy recovery.

If anyone should get extra points for patience, it should be Malik because the poor French man had to deal with Max more than any other character.

In addition, he has to be aware that Imogen, the woman he has feelings for, clearly doesn’t feel as strongly about him, considering how comfortable she was around Michael.

Michael - The Veil - Season 1 Episode 6 - The Cottage

Although to be fair, she did confront Michael about a bunch of personal stuff before threatening to cut his throat.

Now, as I understand it, you are the two most wanted human beings in this whole hilarious world right now. And it seems that not only the CIA but all of the major agencies are looking for you, and the use of lethal force has been deemed acceptable in pursuit of you.


Not to mention, he’s dead now, so viewers can decide what kind of outcome Imogen and Malik had for themselves.

He should probably find someone less of a magnet for bullets and espionage.

When are you going to stop underestimating her? If Imogen is there, she’s very close to making her plan work. You do it American style and she will run.


Imogen is great at being a spy, but she makes some questionable decisions in her personal life, like asking Max for information on her father in The Veil Season 1 Episode 3.

The plot point of her dad being involved in the entire terrorism scheme seemed very coincidental and shoehorned into the story.

Imogen: I need to ask you a question. Did you ever see any signs of Russian involvement in this plot?
Adilah: Yes. The man you saw in Paris, Emir. He would often speak to someone on a cell in Russian.
Imogen: Anything else?
Adilah: The truck that got me out of Raqqa was a Russian military truck. Why?
Imogen: I’ve come to believe that the Russians are behind this attack. You and it are just their cover. They are using you as a pawn in their sick game of retaliation against the US.

There were so many directions the series could’ve taken the explosive ship heading to the U.S., but the show chose the least impactful ending, which was rather anticlimactic.

Emir - The Veil - Season 1 Episode 6 - The Cottage

Obviously, what Adilah was up to needed to be stopped, but viewers likely came to understand that she only wanted to protect her daughter.

Imogen: Is Emir Yasmina’s father?
Adilah: No. I don’t know who Yasmina’s father is. After the bomb in the hotel, I ran away. They found me, and when they bring you back, they do things to you. It could have been any of them.

So, for her to get the ending that she did felt lazy considering everything she went through. I guess there are no happy endings for terrorist operatives.

However, Adilah’s identity as the “Djinn Al Raqqa” was never confirmed, nor what the actual terrorist plan was.

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There was a ship with an explosive set for America, but it was never stated where in America the bomb would go off, what it would accomplish, and with this last episode, how the hell the Russians had been involved.

As stated before, this episode left a lot to be desired regarding questions being answered.

I loved her, and I miss my daughter every day.


The main takeaway from the series is that Imogen is a complete mess, with so much childhood trauma from her father, along with the loss of her daughter.

Imogen - The Veil - Season 1 Episode 6 - The Cottage

Also, did she suddenly quit smoking? By The Veil Season 1 Episode 4, Imogen had basically gone cold turkey.

Many things felt rushed in this finale, including the introduction of Michael.

The character had been hinted at and even seen in a couple of quick shots, but audiences knew more about Imogen’s father than they did about this mysterious person from Imogen’s past.

Michael: I’m still, still in love with you. You know that? Our girl would have been 10. Can you remember her face?
Imogen: Yes. Every day.

And he’s the guy that she had a child with? It feels like that should’ve been explored a lot sooner.

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.


Overall, this series was still well-acted, written, and produced, but its marketing was misleading.

I’m not going to lie; I was expecting way more gun shooting and choreographed fights, but instead, it was a lot of walking with heads down and talking on cell phones.

Malik - The Veil - Season 1 Episode 6 - The Cottage

At least Elisabeth Moss once again knocked it out of the park as “The Queen of Peak TV”—Vulture.

I want you to tell me the truth about my father. All my life, I never understood something because why would they kill a British diplomat, unless they knew that he had done something worth killing him for? They were trying to get rid of him or perhaps cover something up. Turns out, I was right. He was a traitor, Michael. He worked for the Russians. He was a double agent, and he betrayed his country and everyone he knew. Which means that, throughout my whole childhood, the man I loved was a lie. But I think you knew.


Ultimately, it was a fun miniseries I would recommend to anyone who enjoys slow-burn espionage stories set on foreign soil.

It’s over, Violet.


What did you think of The Veil finale? Was the series everything you expected?

Drop a comment below to let us know!

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