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Kai Cenat Criticizes Streamer X Communities For Encouraging “Parasocial” Behavior –


In a recent livestream, popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat shared his strong disapproval of the streamer X Communities on the social media platform owned by Elon Musk. Interacting with his audience, Cenat explained why he has chosen not to engage with these communities and vowed never to create one in the future.

Kai Cenat, a two-time Streamer of the Year award recipient, criticized streamer X Communities for fostering “parasocial” relationships. He passionately stated, “Also those wondering why I don’t have or why I don’t push the community on Twitter… I would never, ever, ever push a community on Twitter again! Fk no! You would never see me never, ever catch me doing some st like that. Bro, Twitter Communities – they rotten your mental, and they rotten your community. Not only that, it creates parasocialness. Okay?”

The 22-year-old further argued that these communities exert undue control over a streamer’s life, stating, “Where people actually feel like they got control of you and your life. Okay? That’s why you would never see me do a…”

Kai Cenat then delved into his personal experiences with managing an X Community, revealing the negative impact it had on his mental health. He shared, “Yo, bro, I’m telling you – chat, when I did have that community, okay, I was mentally like, ‘Oh, my god!’ Checking it every single time I am streaming. I’m seeing what people are saying.”

He emphasized that such environments are detrimental to a streamer’s well-being, adding, “It should never, ever be like that! If you’re a streamer, you should never, ever see what other n**s think! That’s the st I was getting with? You feel me? And I was like, ‘This is toxic, let me just end it.’”

Cenat’s concerns are echoed by other prominent internet personalities. On February 23, 2024, Kick ambassador Adin Ross also voiced his frustration with his own contentious X Community, AR Loyals. Ross criticized his community for being hateful towards his friends, including Nermin “Cheesur” and Konvy. Expressing his discontent, Ross said, “Fk the Twitter community. They’re some p

Both Cenat and Ross’s experiences highlight the potential pitfalls of engaging deeply with social media communities that can often become toxic and intrusive, significantly impacting their mental health and personal lives. These insights shed light on the complexities and challenges that popular streamers face in navigating their online presence and managing the behavior of their fanbases.



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