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How to make international pizza champion Tony Gemignani’s pizza dough


Tony Gemignani, the Bay Area’s 13-time world pizza champion and U.S. Ambassador of Neapolitan Pizza, is the restaurateur behind pizza restaurants from Walnut Creek to San Francisco and across the U.S. Use this recipe to make dough for the pizza of your choice, whether it’s New York style, Sicilian, Detroit or thin crust, then cook it in a 500 to 600-degree oven.

Need topping inspiration? Check out Gemignani’s newest cookbook, “The Pursuit of Pizza.”

Base Dough Recipe by Tony Gemignani

Makes a little over 1 kilogram of dough


3 grams active dry yeast

100 grams warm water, at 85 degrees

600 grams high-protein, high-gluten flour, such as Tony Gemignani California Artisan Flour Blend or All Trumps High-Gluten Flour (non-bromated)

6 grams low diastatic malt, such as AB Mauro

308 grams ice water, at 40 degrees, divided use

12 grams fine sea salt

12 grams extra-virgin olive oil


Whisk the yeast and warm water together in a small bowl until the yeast has dissolved, about 45 seconds.

In a separate bowl, blend the flour and malt by hand.

Pour 70 percent of the cold water (reserving about 6 tablespoons or 88 grams) into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment. Add the flour-malt mixture to the bowl and run the mixer on the lowest setting for 1 minute to begin to combine.

Increase speed to low (speed 2) and with the mixer running, add the warm water-yeast mixture. Mix the dough for about 2 minutes while gradually adding the remaining cold water.

Increase speed to medium (speed 4), add the salt and continue mixing for 2 minutes. Drizzle in the oil, increase to high (speed 8) and mix for 1 minute more. Total mix time should be approximately 6 minutes. (It is best not to exceed this time and overwork the dough).

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