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Roddy Ricch Agrees To $8K Monthly Child Support In Custody Settlement –


Roddy Ricch and his ex-girlfriend, Alexandra Kiser, have reached an agreement regarding the custody and support of their three-year-old son. According to the terms settled, Roddy Ricch will share legal custody with Kiser and have physical custody of their child from Tuesday to Thursday each week. Additionally, Roddy will be required to pay $8,000 per month in child support.

The child support payments will cover various expenses, including private school tuition, medical bills, any necessary therapy, and extracurricular activities for their son. Beyond this, Roddy has agreed to pay $37,500 to cover Alexandra’s legal fees and provide a monthly stipend of $1,000 for her to maintain a vehicle.

The settlement, negotiated by Roddy’s attorney Samantha Spector, was formally filed in Los Angeles County on Friday. Insiders close to the former couple have noted significant improvements in their co-parenting relationship, marking a substantial change from previous tensions. Alexandra had earlier accused the multi-platinum artist of neglecting his parental duties, a particularly striking claim given Roddy’s reported net worth of $25 million.

With the custody and support arrangements now settled, Roddy is expected to refocus on his music career. This resolution allows him to balance his professional responsibilities with his commitments as a father, providing stability for their child.

The custody battle had been contentious, with Alexandra making several serious allegations against Roddy Ricch. She accused him of failing to financially support her, leading her to vacate a home he had provided. She also claimed that Roddy, whose annual earnings she cited as $10 million, neglected his parental responsibilities. “Since his birth, I alone spend 98% of the time with him while Rodrick lives his life without any regard to his parental obligation or responsibility to spend time with Kadence,” Kiser mentioned in court documents.

Further allegations included Roddy’s absence during important holidays. Alexandra stated that he missed significant events, including the previous holiday season, choosing instead to go on a pleasure trip with friends to Dubai and the Maldives. She expressed her hurt upon discovering on Christmas Eve that Roddy had not planned anything for their son for Christmas.

In addition to these accusations, Alexandra alleged that Roddy Ricch is gang-affiliated and cited his arrest on a gun charge. She also accused him of promethazine abuse and domestic abuse toward her.

Despite these serious accusations, the resolution of their custody and support issues represents a significant step forward. Both parties can now focus on providing a stable and supportive environment for their son while Roddy Ricch continues to advance his music career.



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