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Liz Wilcox calls the Survivor 46 jury ‘not very nice’ and reveals the huge lie she told in Fiji


Liz Wilcox Survivor
Liz Wilcox finished in fourth place on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

When it was time to pick a winner, the Survivor 46 jury certainly had some barbs for the final three players.

Maybe it stemmed from the bitterness they were experiencing from getting blindsided with Immunity Idols in their pockets because some jury members were short with Ben Katzman and Charlie Davis.

Now, Liz Wilcox has shared her opinions on the Survivor 46 jury, which she was a part of for only 24 hours.

Liz battled her way to the final four but was forced to compete against Kenzie Petty in the Fire-Making Challenge.

Kenzie easily defeated Liz, sending Liz to the jury as the final voting member. Liz would spend the evening with the jury before returning on finale night.

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Liz voted for Charlie to win, but she was outvoted, and Kenzie Petty was named the Survivor 46 winner.

Liz hints at a bitter Survivor 46 jury

“And the jury, if you couldn’t tell by their 30 second timers and their no jokes, they were not very nice,” Liz told Entertainment Weekly in a post-show interview.

“That’s all I’ll say,” she added, without naming names.

Liz had been asked whether or not she asked the jury if they would have voted for her to win. It was a topic during the final four chats where Liz insinuated that she had the best resume among the people left in the game.

She didn’t get an answer to her query about whether she had jury support, but Liz said she wasn’t “being heard.”

“And so I was really not being heard. And to this day, I haven’t really been given an opportunity to explain myself too much,” she added.

What did Liz Wilcox lie about in Fiji?

Early in the season, a segment during a Survivor episode had Liz Wilcox explaining what she did for a living and how she was very successful. Liz even stated she was a millionaire, suggesting she played Survivor for fun and to prove herself.

“I’m not a millionaire, or rumored billionaire, sorry to break your hearts. I’m just a single mom,” Liz told EW.

“Instead of trying to hide my wealth, I actually exaggerated it,” Liz stated. “And I really think making that move of saying I was a millionaire really did disarm people.”

She might be the first castaway to try to convince the other players that they were wealthy so that they could fly under the radar. It would have been interesting to see how the jury reacted had Liz made the final three.

More Survivor news and notes

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And Charlie Davis sang in the shower in a video to share his frustrations about Maria Gonzalez not voting for him on finale night.

Previous seasons of Survivor are streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

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