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Kate Beckinsale Claps Back At Critics Calling Her Too ‘Thin’ After Health Struggles –


Kate Beckinsale has firmly addressed critics who have labeled her as too “thin” following her recent health issues. The actress, known for her roles in “Underworld” and “Van Helsing,” took to Instagram to defend herself after receiving negative comments about her appearance in a video promoting her upcoming 1990s-based film, “Stolen Girl.”

The video, which showed Kate Beckinsale, 50, in various retro outfits and hairstyles while she playfully interacted on set, sparked a wave of comments about her weight. One user commented, “Sorry to say this Kate, but you do look a bit thin. You always striked a great balance … But when your cheekbones start to show, the balance is lost … 😢😢.”

In response, Kate Beckinsale provided a heartfelt and detailed explanation for her weight loss, sharing the emotional and physical toll recent events have taken on her. She wrote, “I nursed my [stepdad] to his death early this year. My mum also has stuff going on. I am adjusting to watching two fathers die, one when I was 5, one in January of this year.”

Beckinsale lost her stepfather, Roy Battersby, in January after a brief illness, and her biological father, Richard Beckinsale, tragically passed away from a heart attack when she was just five years old. Additionally, she shared the loss of her 19-year-old cat last year and revealed that she spent six weeks in the hospital due to a Mallory-Weiss tear, which was caused by severe vomiting from the stress of these events.

“I lost my soulmate cat of almost 19 years, also last year,” she continued. “I spent six weeks in hospital due to copiously vomiting blood from a [Mallory-Weiss tear] caused by the stress of a whole year ripping a hole between my [esophagus] and stomach.”

Furthermore, Beckinsale disclosed that she suffers from mast cell disease, a condition exacerbated by stress, shock, and grief. She emphasized that her appearance is influenced by these health struggles and personal losses, stating, “That’s what I am prepared to disclose that has contributed to some weight loss. What you think of my appearance and how I should look, independently of any circumstances in my life and my family’s is not important.”

She criticized those who feel entitled to comment on women’s bodies, adding, “The fact you fancy girls who are heavier than I am does not feature in things that are important or relevant. I don’t care what your taste in women is. I care that you think any of us need to be apprised of it … Do better.”

In March, Beckinsale raised concerns among fans when she posted a selfie from the hospital but did not disclose her illness. She later hinted at her condition by posing in a T-shirt that read, “Tummy Troubles Survivor.”

Kate Beckinsale’s candid response highlights the impact of public scrutiny on individuals dealing with private health battles and personal grief, reminding critics of the importance of empathy and understanding.



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