Home News Campbell police arrest 25-year-old for punching elderly man

Campbell police arrest 25-year-old for punching elderly man


Campbell police arrested a 25-year-old suspect Saturday morning for allegedly randomly attacking two people this month.

According to the Campbell Police Department, the suspect was booked on two counts of elder abuse for the incidents and battery on an officer for allegedly kicking an officer while being booked at the Santa Clara County Jail.

The first attack occurred on May 4, when the suspect allegedly punched a man in the stomach while he was on a walk on San Tomas Aquino Road. Police did not disclose the age or identity of the first victim.

The latest incident happened at around 11:23 a.m. on Friday near the corner of Inwood Drive and Elam Avenue.

“A 75-year-old male was randomly punched in the face while taking a walk,” CPD said in a press release. “When the victim and his family returned to the area to look for surveillance cameras, they encountered the suspect again, who attempted to fight the family before leaving.”

Both attacks appear to be random and unprovoked, according to police.

“We cannot thank our community enough for their partnership in incidents like these. We can assure you that our officers are working diligently to investigate these incidents to the fullest extent,” CPD said.

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