Home World Park Ridge provisionally OKs $861,000 bid for security upgrades – Chicago Tribune

Park Ridge provisionally OKs $861,000 bid for security upgrades – Chicago Tribune


The Park Ridge City Council provisionally approved a construction bid package for security upgrades at city hall at its Committee of the Whole meeting on May 20.

The bid package, costing $861,000,  will include all the work done on safety and security upgrades to city hall. The work will mostly be done in staff spaces and not the City Council chambers.

The construction bid package, made up of two vendors put together by the project’s construction manager, Cordogan Clark, will include construction management costs, architectural and engineering services costs, testing, environmental surveys and asbestos removal, in addition to the construction work itself.

Park Ridge staff recommended that the city council approve the bid because it cost less than other bids and included fire protection and upgraded ballistic glass. The project came in just under the estimated budget by almost $4,000.

Mayor Maloney said in his State of the City speech on Feb. 1 that the city would look into safety improvements for City Hall. “We’ve had a couple incidents over the last couple of years… It’s a pretty open environment — open counters — and things like that… So we’re gonna take some steps to make that a little bit more secure for our employees,” Maloney said.

Construction is slated to begin in August, according to the city’s Administrative Services Manager Leisa Niemotka. Construction will take place in phases to allow for City Hall to remain functional.

Niemotka said the staff is also preparing an additional bid for security cameras and access doors staff can use to enter the facility. 

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