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Fans react to host Drew Carey’s connection to Jeopardy! host


drew carey and ken jennings face shots from the price is right and jeopardy
In addition to hosting game shows, Drew Carey and Ken Jennings have another connection. Pic credit: CBS & ABC

Drew Carey and Ken Jennings are two TV stars beloved by fans due to appearing as hosts of two popular game shows.

Drew hosts The Price Is Right, taking over in 2007 after TV icon Bob Barker retired.

Ken hosts the popular clue and question game Jeopardy!, where he previously became a legendary contestant.

They’re both game show hosts, but some fans may not have realized they share another connection between them.

Drew and Ken recently celebrated their birthdays, and fans wished them well.

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Their birthdays fall on the same date, giving them a special connection.

Drew Carey and Ken Jennings celebrate special day

This past Thursday, Drew and Ken each celebrated their birthdays. Drew was born on May 23, 1958, and turned 66.

The game show he appears on as host most weekdays, The Price Is Right, used their official Instagram to celebrate his day.

They shared two photos of Drew, including one of him smiling and holding a microphone on stage. A second photo shows Drew laughing at something with audience members nearby.

The caption for their carousel post read, “Happy birthday to the host with the most and one of the best in the business, @drewfromtv!”

He received over 5,201 likes and many comments from fans wishing him happiness and more for his special day.

“The best host from coast to coast and everywhere in between Happy Birthday Drew,” a fan commented.

Another commenter wrote, “Happy Birthday Drew! I hope your day is as special as you are! Love you!”

screenshot of fans wishing drew carey happy birthday on instagram post
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

On social media, Jeopardy! wished host Ken Jennings a happy birthday on the same day.

On Instagram, a carousel post featured multiple photos, including Ken holding a tray of birthday cookies with “50” for his age.

“50 looks good on him! Ken was in for a big surprise when he walked onto the #Jeopardy! Stage today. Join us in wishing him a happy birthday 🥳🎂,” the IG caption said.

Ken received over 19,000 likes on the Jeopardy! post for the host’s birthday, along with 740-plus comments from fans.

“I don’t think Jeopardy could be in better hands. Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” a commenter said.

“Happy 50th Ken! You look great!!! You are by far one of my very favorite people on tv nowadays,” another individual commented.

fans wish ken jennings happy birthday in instagram screenshot
Pic credit: @jeopardy/Instagram

The former contestant, who won over $4.3 million playing Jeopardy!, has hosted the show since 2021.

Following the death of the legendary Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek in 2020, Ken appeared as one of several guest hosts for the show.

In 2021, Ken and Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik ultimately became the show hosts, alternating between which episodes or events they would host.

As of December 2023, Ken became the permanent full-time host of the game show. Fans seem to love him in the role, as the late Alex Trebek had quite the shoes to fill.

Fans react after realizing Drew and Ken’s connection

The connection between Drew and Ken seemed one that some fans hadn’t recognized until this past week.

A member shared a post on a Reddit game show forum, titled “I was today years old when I learned that Drew Carey and Ken Jennings share the same birthday (May 23).”

“Kind of incredible that the hosts of the two most popular and well-known game shows have the same birth date,” the Reddit member wrote.

screenshot as fans react on reddit to ken jennings and drew carey birthdays
Pic credit: @bluegambit875/Reddit.com/r/gameshows

Several commenters reacted to that and another interesting tidbit.

“Drew Carey and Ken Jennings were born on the same day 16 years apart (5/23/58 and 5/23/74),” a commenter wrote.

The commenter also mentioned that former game show hosts Richard Dawson and Ray Combs died on the same day, June 2, 16 years apart.

reddit comments screenshot about ken jennings drew carey birthdays
Pic credit: @bluegambit875/Reddit.com/r/gameshows

Interestingly, Drew will need to up his hosting game if he wants to share another connection with Ken. The new Jeopardy! host already has one Emmy nomination as an Oustanding Host for a Game Show, which he received in 2023.

His fellow Jeopardy host Mayim, Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak, Password’s Keke Palmer, and Family Feud’s Steve Harvey also received nominations.

While Ken lost in the category to Palmer, Drew has yet to receive any Emmy nominations for The Price Is Right.

However, there’s still plenty of time, as Drew revealed he has no plans to retire as The Price Is Right host anytime soon!

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