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Wheel of Fortune viewers applaud contestant’s ‘history-making’ win that had the crowd ‘more hyped’ than ever


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One lucky Wheel of Fortune contestant cashed in big time, and during a momentous episode, too. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/S_Bukley

Wheel of Fortune viewers were excited to see a recent contestant go home with a huge win.

Michael Bystrzycki, Jr., a Master Electrician from Drummons, Tennessee, earned himself a six-figure payout, and it couldn’t have happened on a more special night.

That’s because Michael was lucky enough to have participated in Wheel of Fortune’s 8,000th episode!

Ahead of his appearance on the iconic weeknight game show, Michael was featured in an Instagram post shared by his local Memphis, Tennessee news station, Action News 5.

“Hi, I’m Michael from Drummons. Watch me play Wheel of Fortune!” he boasted in the Reel.

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Michael’s gameplay was so impressive that he made it into one of Wheel of Fortune’s Instagram Reels, too.

Michael Bystrzycki, Jr. impresses Wheel of Fortune viewers with his big wins on the 8,000th episode

The video, captioned, “Just like Michael, YOU could win DOUBLE tonight’s @BetMGM Jackpot total of $42,500!! Bring home the 💸💸 and enter now before it’s too late! Link in bio,” was shared shortly after Michael’s May 24th episode.

Michael picked up a Double Jackpot win to kick off his episode before landing on a $5,000 wedge.

Then, Michael made it to the Bonus Round, where he won an Infiniti SUV, bringing his total winnings to $111,160.

Clips of Michael’s episode were also shared on Wheel of Fortune’s YouTube page, where fans of the show applauded his efforts and noted how special it was for him to win big during the show’s 8,000th episode.

Wheel watchers call Michael’s appearance ‘history-making’

“Now that’s the way to finish up that 8,000th episode! with the DOUBLE JACKPOT and plus the automobile!” exclaimed @anenglishvillageforroberti2863. “Interesting that all week long, the INFINITI was played for all the time in the bonus round! WOW!”

wheel of fortune viewers comment on youtube regarding michael Bystrzycki's appearance
Pic credit: @WheelOfFortune/YouTube

Another expressed their excitement for Michael, adding, “Holy smokes, a big win!”

One Wheel watcher commented that Money Week on Wheel of Fortune “has caused the audience to be louder & more hyped than normal.”

Another YouTube user called Michael’s appearance “history-making.”

Wheel of Fortune commemorates its 8,000th episode

Wheel of Fortune paid homage to the milestone episode on Instagram, featuring host Pat Sajak and his longtime co-host, Vanna White, posing alongside a cake designed with a mock Wheel of Fortune set, including the number 8,000 fashioned into a sparkly gold cake topper.

Pat and Vanna held flutes of champagne as they posed in front of the cake and a backdrop advertising the BET MGM Big Money Week in honor of Wheel of Fortune’s 8,000th episode.

The caption for the post read, “8,000 episodes of Wheel?!? 🥳👏🥂 What was the most memorable episode for YOU? Let us know in the comments below. ⬇️.”

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