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Lingo TV Show on FOX: Season Two Viewer Votes – canceled + renewed TV shows, ratings


Lingo TV show on CBS: canceled or renewed for season 3?

(Photo: Guy Levy/CBS)

Contestants get a chance to win even more money in the second season of the Lingo TV show on CBS. As we all know, Nielsen ratings typically play a big role in determining whether a TV show like Lingo is cancelled or renewed for season three. Unfortunately, most of us do not live in Nielsen households. Because many viewers feel frustrated when their viewing habits and opinions aren’t considered, we invite you to rate all of the second season episodes of Lingo here.

A CBS A word-guessing game show, the Lingo TV series is the latest incarnation of a format that was introduced in 1987. Hosted by RuPaul Charles, this newest version features four teams of two contestants. Two teams compete against each other in multiple rounds of word-guessing games of varying lengths and difficulty to build up a bank of prize money. By the end, only two of the four teams remain, and each has its own bank of money. In this last part of the game, the two remaining teams have two minutes each to guess as many five and six-letter words as possible. The winning team of the showdown takes home both teams’ banks and an additional $50,000. In season two, the winning team of an episode returns in the next installment, allowing for longer winning streaks and even bigger cash prizes.

What do you think? Which season two episodes of the Lingo TV series do you rate as wonderful, terrible, or somewhere between? Do you think that Lingo should be cancelled or renewed for a third season on CBS?

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