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‘I Play For Love, Not Money’ –


Angel Reese, the dynamic Chicago Sky player, has recently addressed the ongoing debate about her WNBA salary, responding to critics who feel she and her peers are underpaid. In a candid interview with ESPN, Reese made it clear that her love for the game transcends financial considerations.

Following Reese and Caitlin Clark’s entry into the WNBA, social media erupted with discussions about their compensation. Many fans and analysts argued that the players’ salaries did not reflect their talent and contribution to the sport. However, Reese remains unfazed by these criticisms.

“I wasn’t paid in college, so that check that I do get here [in the WNBA] is a bonus,” Angel Reese explained. “I mean, being able to play for four to five months and get $75,000 on top of the other endorsements that I’m doing, I think it’s a plus for me.”

Angel Reese emphasized that her passion for basketball is the primary reason she plays, not the paycheck. “I play the game I love not for the money. I play because I love basketball and genuinely love basketball,” she said. Now that she’s a professional, she appreciates the ability to work with brands long-term, highlighting the broader opportunities her career has afforded her.

Reese, a standout prospect in this year’s WNBA draft, has garnered significant attention both on and off the court. Her seventh overall pick in the draft secured her a four-year contract worth $324,383, according to Spotrac. This contract is just one part of her income, as she continues to engage in numerous side projects and endorsement deals. Her financial success extends beyond her WNBA salary, as she leverages her growing popularity and busy schedule.

Reese’s professional career has indeed opened up more opportunities compared to her college days. She has become a sought-after figure in various sectors, demonstrating her marketability and entrepreneurial spirit. Her ability to balance basketball with other lucrative endeavors showcases a modern athlete’s potential to build a multifaceted career.

On April 15, Reese was drafted seventh overall in the WNBA draft, a significant milestone celebrated by fans and peers alike. The draft, held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, was a momentous occasion for Reese, who accepted her Sky jersey on stage alongside WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert.

Angel Reese’s journey illustrates the evolving landscape for women in sports, where passion for the game and financial acumen can coexist. Her response to critics underscores a commitment to basketball that goes beyond monetary rewards, inspiring both current and future athletes to pursue their dreams with a similar dedication.



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