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All Stars 5 spoilers include ‘iconic’ MTV OGs in big cast reveal


the challenge host tj lavin face shot from all stars 4
Host TJ Lavin and viewers could see “iconic” MTV OGs returning for All Stars 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

Spoilers for The Challenge: All Stars 5 could excite longtime fans as multiple “icons” from MTV’s past could participate in the competition.

While previous spoilers suggested multiple individuals who weren’t originally MTV OGs, more recent updates indicate otherwise.

There will still be several non-MTV competitors who have appeared in recent seasons of The Challenge.

However, returning stars who are fan favorites from earlier seasons of The Challenge may make up for that with fans.

The latest updates arrive as the cast departs for Vietnam to begin filming the fifth season of the spinoff.

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This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge: All Stars 5 before filming.

Multiple iconic OGs revealed in All Stars 5 cast spoilers

On Saturday, May 25, a generally reliable spoiler account began to release names of cast members headed to Vietnam for All Stars 5.

Some individuals were previously revealed, including Devin Walker, Jay Mitchell, Leroy Garrett, Nany Gonzalez, Melissa Reeves, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, and Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat. Additionally, spoilers recently revealed five-time winner Chris “CT” Tamburello as a significant star joining All Stars 5.

The new updates provide many blasts from the past seasons of MTV’s The Challenge. Among them are The Real World: San Diego castmates and Battle of the Seasons winners Frank Sweeney, Sam McGinn, and Ashley Kelsey.

Frank’s return could be a surprise as many believed he might not return to the show. In addition to winning Battle of the Seasons, he also won Rivals with castmate Johnny Bananas.

Additional returning OGs include Road Rules star Shane Landrum, The Real World Denver’s Jenn Grijalva, and Dario Medrano. All three could return to The Challenge after hiatuses from reality TV.

Dario last appeared in 2017’s Dirty 30. Viewers last saw Frank in 2014’s Free Agents, making it 10 years since he’s been on reality TV. However, Jenn last appeared in 2011’s The Challenge: Rivals, bringing her potential return 13 years later.

screenshot of mtvchallengeinsider instagram spoilers for all stars 5
Real World: Denver’s Jenn potentially returning for The Challenge: All Stars 5. Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

While Jenn never won a season of The Challenge, her status amongst All Stars is undoubtedly there. She got involved in plenty of drama, arguments, and storylines on MTV’s competition series and reached the final four times in her six seasons.

All Stars 5 has returning OGs and newcomers

The Vevmo spoilers forum has an updated list of potential cast members for All Stars 5. Multiple OGs will return from previous seasons, including two-time champ Jonna Mannion, finalists Aneesa Ferreira and KellyAnne Judd, Beth Stolarczyk, Sylvia Elsrode, and Katie Cooley.

All Stars 4 cast members Jay “Gotti” Mitchell, Leroy, Adam Larson, Nicole Zanatta, Veronica Portillo, and Steve Meinke are all listed as potential cast members.

As previously mentioned, it appears there’s just a handful of newer stars from The Challenge. Melissa and Big T are the only ones who debuted on MTV shows. Big Brother’s Fessy, Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra, and Da’Vonne Rogers are joining them.

Should these be the official cast members, it would create a unique mix of personalities. The Vevmo forum post mentions that these names aren’t official until they stand before host TJ Lavin at the start of filming. With that, spoilers could reveal changes to the cast in future updates.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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