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What happened to Derek and Katie?


MAFS exes Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman screenshot.
What happened to Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman? Pic credit: Lifetime

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman had no business being matched on Season 10 of Married at First Sight, but you can blame the experts.

At first, viewers thought the pair had the potential for a successful marriage, but that would require the commitment of both people.

Derek was ready to make his marriage work, but Katie had too many unrealistic demands of her husband.

Katie quickly became the Season 10 villain, fielding backlash week after week over her treatment of Derek.

Then came the moment we found out she had cheated on her husband with her ex and that was the final straw for viewers.

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It was the final straw for Derek and the couple finally called it quits.

That was many moons ago, and a lot has changed. So where are Katie and Derek today?

MAFS star Katie Conrad is married with a son

Katie has long since moved on from her failed MAFS experience and has finally found her happily ever after.

The newly minted Mrs Eaves tied the knot in June 2021 to her now husband Brandon Eaves and they later honeymooned in Jamaica.

Katie Conrad Instagram post
Katie Conrad and her husband Brandon Eaves. Pic credit: @katieecon/Instagram

The couple has been married for almost three years and is expanding their family.

Brandon and Katie announced they were expecting their first child together in 2022 and welcomed a baby boy later that year.

The MAFS star has been enjoying motherhood ever since, recently posting snaps from a family vacation and writing, “Back from vacay so grateful for quality family time, snuggles, and a husband who takes these photos 🥰.”

Katie Conrad Instagram post
Katie Conrad and her son. Pic credit: @katieecon/Instagram

Derek Sherman is in a serious relationship

Unlike his ex-wife, Derek Sherman hasn’t walked down the aisle a second time, but he’s very happy in his new relationship.

In 2023, the MAFS Season 10 star went Instagram official with his girlfriend Adila Fathalla and they’re still going strong.

Derek posted several snaps of the stunning brunette on Instagram that showed them enjoying a concert together, captioning the post, “Guess all I can say is… “I fell for a girl at a rock show.”

When he’s not hanging out with his girlfriend, Derek is either traveling or off on another adventure with his pals.

He recently took a trip to Tokyo and made some interesting new friends.

“So I went to am Otter Cafe in Tokyo and words cannot describe how cute these otters are Otters #OtterCafe #Tokyo,” Derek captioned his post.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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