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RHONJ’s Jenn Fessler claps back after John Fuda called her a ‘social climber’


RHONJ stars Jenn Fessler and John Fuda screenshot
Jenn Fessler claps back at John Fuda. Pic credit: Bravo

Jenn Fessler has found herself in quite a predicament this season, making new friends and some new enemies along the way.

Those new friends are the always-controversial Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice, and the new enemies? Well, those enemies include Jenn’s former besties Margaret Josephs, Rachel Fuda, and her husband John Fuda.

Speaking of John, he’s convinced that Jenn is trying to get close to Teresa because she’s a social climber. However, Jenn recently clapped back at that claim.

Things have escalated between Teresa and Luis, and the Fudas since their feud kicked off at the Season 13 reunion.

There was a faceoff between John and Teresa in the premiere episode of Season 14, and there will be a lot more as the season plays out.

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Meanwhile, RHONJ fans have already taken sides even as this clear division casts a dark cloud over the show and its future.

Jenn Fessler responds to John Fuda’s claims that she’s a ‘social climber’

John Fuda thinks Jenn Fessler is a social climber for dropping her friends to start a new friendship with the OG of The Garden State.

However, Jenn debunked those claims during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight

While recounting her tense conversation with Rachel and John in Episode 3, Jenn noted, “I think John said I was a social climber, which I think is interesting.”

“I don’t think anyone is above me, and I don’t think anyone is beneath me,” reasoned the RHONJ star. “There’s nowhere to climb for any of us…that’s where I stand.”

Jenn says her sitdown with Teresa Giudice was to clean John Fuda’s name

That’s not the only thing Jenn wanted to clear up during her chat with the media outlet.

The RHONJ star also addressed her sitdown with Teresa, which has caused quite a stir among the group.

Jenn looked a little too cozy chatting it up with the OG when the entire group gathered for a party thrown by Danielle Cabral.

After their chit-chat, she was immediately confronted by Margaret and Rachel, who expressed their disappointment about her getting friendly with their enemy.

“My intentions were always good,” Jenn proclaimed to the media outlet. “My intentions were to clarify some things…To talk to Teresa and make sure that it was out there that John Fuda is not a drug dealer.”

Despite how things have escalated, Jenn said she was at least happy with how that part of the conversation went with Teresa.

“Rachel and John would have preferred that I didn’t speak of them at all,” noted Jenn. “Lesson learned.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Bravo on Sundays at 8/7c.

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